Depression in Older Adults

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

Depression and old age are both very difficult to cope with, and when the both come together, they really take their toll on a person. With mounting tensions of disease, bills, isolation, etc., it is more often than not unavoidable among our elders to feel hopeless, and they certainly need support from society to help pass them pass this emotional barrier.


The definition of depression goes a long way to describe why elders are its common victim. Depression is a severe medical condition in which an individual feels hopeless, very sad, and unimportant and is frequently incapable to live in a regular way. As the body ages, it loses strength. More often than not, elders will not be able to hold their own. It is no surprise that depression is a common occurrence among elders.

Statistics by National Mental Health of USA put depression in older adults top among occurrences of mental disorders among adults. On an average, 6% of all adults find themselves in the grasp of depression. Furthermore, 16% of all suicide deaths consisted of people aged above 65.

Reasons Why Elders Feel Depressed:

It is a common misconception that depression is a surety of growing older. A major chunk of people believe that growing older means an end to happy life and being sad is what defines old age. They could not be more wrong.
Let us elaborate on what we’ve already seen before-

As people grow up, dependency on others increases. And if these dependency needs, both of physical and emotional nature aren’t reciprocated, depression finds its way into their minds.

With people’s lives becoming faster, the slow-paced dependent life of an elder often gets ignored. Without an emotional tether, elders are bound to feel depressed.

The prospect of being chronically ill, as many elders usually are, is usually scary and depressing to elders. The loss of peers within the same age group, or of family relatives, is also a huge demotivation to continue for our aged.

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