The Secret to Overcoming Depression

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)

Depression affects untold millions of people each year and, is a serious psychological disorder. Unfortunately, many people who are suffering from depression do not seek treatment for it, apprehensive about what the society may think of them.

They might be unwilling to face change on their own as they lack the courage to do so. Depression treatment still suffers from a lot of misconceptions – how long it takes for treatment to be effective, and whether it is actually worth it.

1Depression – What is it?

The occasional bouts of sadness that all of us experience from time to time is not depression. Instead, it is an unrelenting feeling of immense sadness for at least two weeks and longer. It is characterized by the inability to take pleasure from almost any of life’s activities, and feeling broken or lacking the normal energy levels that you had before the depression set in.

People diagnosed with clinical depression find it difficult to maintain normal sleeping and eating patterns. These are physical symptoms that accompany depression. There is also an immense feeling of hopelessness for most of the people who suffer from depression. As if nothing will ever get better again.

Thus it is no wonder that a person with depression does not see the light at the end of the tunnel. A sense of hopelessness prevails. You become a pessimist and become negative towards everyone including yourself. It is not just the blues; it seems as if someone has greyed out the entire world altogether.



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