10 Amazing Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

“Smoking is injurious to health”, a statutory warning used at the movies, regardless of whether the actors in the commercial endorse smoking or not. This message is repeated over and over, but the question is, why is it so important to stop smoking and what are the benefits of resisting a smoke? 

We live in global pandemonium. Right from our kids to our jobs, everything is stressful. One of the good ways to de-stress is meditation. But achieving calmness through meditation takes practice, time, and patience. So we search for a quick fix.

1Inside The Body Of A Smoke Addict

The human body is not designed to consume smoke. Most of us don’t know that internally; smoking paralyzes the body. Over a period of time, the body gives up control, which invites a host of life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart diseases, etc.

The feeling of high that smokers experience is actually dangerous and can even cause death if not stopped dead in its tracks

So what happens when one smokes? Let us observe the highlights of the process.

The first puff from a cigarette transfers 4,000 chemicals, some of them are known carcinogens, through the nasal passage and ultimately into the blood stream. Smoke also acts like an irritant in the nasal passage. Small hair-like organelles called cilia, responsible for cleaning bronchial tubes or the nasal passage from foreign bodies. Smoking paralyzes and even kills cilia.

Smoking destroys scavenger cells present in the lungs that clean millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli. This causes the lungs to accumulate tar which is a byproduct of inhaling cigarette smoke.

Through smoke inhalation, harmful chemicals enter the blood stream via the heart and are transferred to different cells in the body. The heart then suffers from a condition called arrhythmia or irregular heart beat.

Blood pumped from the heart also carries oxygen which is vital for scores of different body cells to function. Smoking deprives the cells of oxygen which is then replaced by carbon monoxide which is the same combination that comes out of the exhaust pipe of a vehicle.

Smoking regularly will cover the tongue and nasal passage with tar which will make one lose his/her sense of smell and taste. Smoking causes blood pressure to rise and puts one at risk of heart disease and cardiac-related problems.

Continual smoking causes skin damage and adds age to the skin, and it becomes listless over time. This happens because the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide limit the supply of oxygen to the skin. It has devastating effects on one’s sex life as per a research at Boston University’s medical school. In men, carbon monoxide lowers blood flow to the penis causing erectile dysfunction. A low sperm count is also attributed to smoking. In women, it causes fertility issues. These are just the known side-effects of smoking. When the addict has made up his or her mind to quit smoking, the body will naturally take charge and repair itself and restore complete wellness.

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