(Last Updated On: August 11, 2017)

Every age brings with it certain specifications, perks and restrictions. Accepting your age and adjusting to what is becoming of that age is possibly the best and wisest thing that you can do. Once you hit your 40’s you know you need to buck up for the impending old age. Midlife crisis is not the only thing that you may have to come to terms with in your forties. With a number of health issues creeping up on you gradually, the late 40’s is only a small preview of what the coming decade will bring.

Keep yourself healthy so that not only does your body stay geared up to fight against health problems but also your mind stays positive and tension free. Irregular eating habits and foods high in cholesterol make you feel bad not only physically but also mentally. Having a well-regulated diet coupled with the required amount of exercise per week will help you to keep you fit, energetic and ready to sail through any storm. Here are six tweaks by which you can deal with the dietary demands of the late forties.

Tweak Number 1: More & More Protein

Once you hit your forties you need to consume a more protein rich diet. Try to eat more of eggs and chicken. Be careful not to buy pre-packaged chicken from the supermarket. Buy freshly cut meat. Red meat should be strictly avoided by middle-aged people. Doctors recommend that once you are over forty, you need to either stop eating red meat entirely or aggressively cut down on it. Red meat causes cholesterol and other kinds of cardiovascular diseases that could prove fatal if left unchecked. Try to steer clear of red meat such as beef, lamb, pork and venison as much as possible.

Tweak Number 2: Fruit Juice

If you love having your fruit juice then you need to make a small change. Packaged fruit juices usually have high sugar content which is not a very good idea for all you diabetic people out there. They are sugary and do not contain the fruit fibers which are the actual sources of vitamins. Have whole fruits which are more nutritious, real and a great source of the natural fiber. If you like to relax and sip from a glass or a cup as compared to the action of gorging down food try to make your own fruit juices at home! You could also consider making a smoothie which tastes even better!

Tweak Number 3: Liquids

Face it. Once you are in your forties you need to cut down on your soda intake. Sodas contain artificial sweeteners which is bad for your overall health. Have water instead. Pure and pristine. No liquid can ever take the place of water.

Have you ever considered shifting from coffee or regular tea to green tea? If you haven’t as of yet, NOW is a very good time. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants. It not only detoxes your system of unhealthy chemicals but also leaves you feeling refreshed. The health benefits of green tea are many and alluring.  For example did you know that green tea helps greatly in weight loss?

Tweak Number 4: Probiotics

Studies have shown that consuming probiotic foods like Kefir, Kimchi, Pickles, Sauerkraut and yoghurt are great for your health. Looking after your gut is absolutely essential in your forties especially for premenopausal women. Having a more probiotic rich diet keeps your estrogen levels well-balanced and reduces the chances of cancer.

Tweak Number 5: Salt

Watching your salt intake is a must at this age. Iodine overdose can lead to hypertension in both the sexes with women being the most susceptible to the risks. Instead have more anti-inflammatory foods such as tomatoes, cucumber, olives, green vegetables, berries and fish.

Tweak Number 6: Keep Eating

As opposed to previous miss-conceptions about too much food being bad for you, eating is actually good for you provided you have it in balanced amounts. Keep eating small portions of nutritious food from time to time. A gap of two-three hours between meals should suffice. Keep your stomach filled with nutritious and wholesome food.

Not being young anymore doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of food. Have healthy and wholesome substitutes. Take small steps to ensure for yourself a healthier late forties and even happier fifties. Want to know more about healthy diet and healthy living? Call 1800-121-2323 to know more.



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