7 common exercises to follow after physiotherapy

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2017)

Physiotherapy, also referred as physical therapy, uses different physical methods such as massage and manipulation, remedial exercise, cold, heat, and electric current techniques to promote curing and well being of an individual.


Physiotherapy helps to reduce pain and stiffness, restore patient’s range of movement after illness or injury,improves mobility and enhance the quality of life. In addition to physiotherapy techniques, exercises at the hospital and home helps to protect the patient in future health problems. In addition to regular daily activity, exercise will improve your strength, flexibility, endurance or coordination.

General exercises to be practiced after physiotherapy and their uses are mentioned below:

  1. Stretching-To reduce stress on joints
  2. Core stability exercises-To strengthen the muscles of your back, abdomen and hips
  3. Lifting weights-To strengthen muscles
  4. Walking

Here are some easy exercises at home, to stay fit and well after physiotherapy:



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