8 Facts about Arthritis you MUST KNOW!

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

Arthritis is one of the most commonly occurring forms of joint pain in the world. While the aged are most familiar with the experiential aspect of the disease (arthritis developing mostly in senior citizens), the rest of us are typically not even completely aware of what exactly arthritis is, what are the reasons for its occurrence and what are the cures or the preventive measures for that matter. But it’s good to know now so we can stop or atleast delay its onset in our bodies and the myriad hassles it might bring. It’s also wiser to be more aware for the sake of our elderly, loved ones who may suffer/are suffering from it already. So we can literally understand their pain better and care for them more effectively.

Fingers affected by arthritis

So, here is a list of 8 absolutely essential facts about arthritis that you should be well-informed about!

#1.  There are Various Pain Areas

The arthritis related pain that commonly occurs in adults and especially senior citizens is Osteoarthritis (OA). The typical signs and symptoms of Osteoarthritis include stiffness and pain in the fingers, feet and hips after a prolonged period of inactivity. This pain may be accompanied by a mild swelling on the affected area. Osteoarthritis occurs due to ageing joints and obesity. People who are overweight are highly susceptible to developing osteoarthritis as there is added strain on the joints. The symptoms of osteoarthritis worsens over time, if left untreated.

#2. There are essentially 2 Types

While they may share the same surname, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis don’t share the same causes; Rheumatoid arthritis develops when the immune system attacks the tissues of the body. This makes rheumatoid arthritis an autoimmune disease. The effects are wide-ranging; it not only weakens your joints but also damages other parts of the body including blood vessels, eyes, lungs, heart and skin. Another point of difference for RA is that it can develop on both sides of the patient’s body unlike OA. Over a period of time Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to bone erosion and joint deformity. Due to unknown reasons, it has been seen that women are more prone to rheumatoid arthritis.

 #3. It can even affect Children!

Did you know that children can also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? This type of arthritic condition is known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). Children below the age of 16 years are commonly affected by the condition.

# 4: Exercising Helps!

Contrary to the popular belief, exercise is actually helpful in managing your arthritis pain and inflammation. Regular physical activity such as exercising helps with weight control; it also improves the joint support and regulates lubrication of the joints. Regulated weight training and/or yoga increases the strength of the surrounding muscles and prevent stiffness in the joints. One must exercise caution while exercising to prevent injuries and consult a doctor before starting an exercise regimen.

#5: It can get Nasty. On Repeat.


Gout is a type of arthritis that is marked by repeated flare-ups over a period of time. These type of inflammations are extremely painful and happen when there is a build-up of uric acid in the fluid surrounding the joints. If one particular part of the body, like the toe is repeatedly affected by uric acid based inflammations then it will result in gout. The common symptoms of gout are chills and fever, and joint pain.

#6: It can get inhuman. Quite Literally.

Are you aware of the fact animals too can suffer from arthritis symptoms. The most common form of arthritis that affects your furry friends is osteoarthritis. The symptoms are inflammation in the joints, cartilage breakdown, reduced appetite and weight loss.

#7: The Treatment can Sting! Again Quite Literally

Did you know that bee sting venom can be used as a natural treatment for arthritis? Sounds unbelievable?

Bee venom therapy for treating different diseases has been known since centuries. But according to a study by researchers from Brazil in 2010, bee venom therapy is a very potent method of treating arthritis pain. When multiple shots of the bee venom are given over a period of time, it is absorbed by the body and immune system slowly adjusts to the effects of the venom. Bee venom consists of a complex mix of chemical substances that cause an increase of the anti-inflammatory hormone known as glucocorticoids in the body. This hormone helps in countering the inflammatory effects of arthritis.

#8: It Can’t be Cured but can be Controlled!

Currently no binding cure exists for most types of arthritis. But with the help of proper medication and therapy, the pain associated with arthritis can be controlled and long-term bone and health damage can be negated.

Rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t have specific symptoms but creeps into the system very slowly with symptoms from other diseases and viruses and gradually the frequency of these symptoms increases and the immune system becomes more vulnerable and weak. If you think you are suffering from the symptoms of arthritis, get yourself tested for RA Factor without delay


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