All You Wanted To Know About Home Care Nursing For The Elderly

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

Home care nursing for senior citizens is becoming increasingly important with each passing day. As young adults become more and more busy with demanding work schedules, kids, and related activities, there is a felt need for having a caring nurse at home to look after their ailing parents. Read on to learn all about home care nursing for senior citizens.

Why And When Would Elderly Individuals Need Home Care Nursing?

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The deterioration in the quality of living due to age, disability, declining physical, and psychological age-related stability, and several other factors call for the need for home care nursing for your aging loved ones. Find below some common circumstances that require extension of nursing facilities at home for elderly.

1. Post-Surgery Recovery:

Is your grandmother convalescing from a major surgery? If yes, then getting post-surgical care assistance at home can provide your beloved grandmother a great relief, comfort, and proper medical assistance while recuperating from surgery. Post-surgical care by professional nurses include everything from feeding the patient and effective pain management to fluid management and respiratory management all in the comfort at home.

2.  Critical Health Conditions That Need Oxygen Administration:

Certain acute and chronic health conditions in aged individuals, such as pulmonary disease, respiratory problems, trauma, breathlessness, haemorrhage, and similar other conditions would need urgent oxygen administration. Home care nursing for elderly would take care of it.

3.  Need Of Vaccination: 

Don’t you want to keep your beloved parents and grandparents at home safe from various infectious diseases? Count on home care nursing services to get your elderly family members vaccinated for hepatitis, H1N1, pneumonia, typhoid, and other diseases by qualified nurses comfortably at home.

4.  Urinary Catheterisation:

When any aged family member at home need urine catheterisation care, home care nursing services can help in draining the bladder with the right care. Whether you need nursing catheter insertion care, bladder wash, or catheter removal, trained nurses would help you properly with it.

5. Healing The Wounds:

Often, aged individuals suffer from various wounds that need proper care to promote its healing. Depending on the wound type, the healing process differs. In such circumstances, home care nursing would prove beneficial to take the right care of your wounded loved ones. Caring nurses provide appropriate wound care depending on the wound type, no matter whether it’s post-operation surgical wound, pressure sores, or infected wounds.

6.  Get Injections And IV Infusions:  

Often, elderly people find it difficult to commute to and fro from hospital frequently to get the required injections and IV infusions. Home care nursing helps save your time and energy significantly. Caring nurses would help administer the required injection carefully in the comfort  of your home.

7.  Tracheostomy Care:

A few among the elderly may need tracheostomy care. Tracheostomy, commonly known as stoma, is an important medical process involving creation of an opening in the neck for placing a tube in the patient’s windpipe to let the air enter his lungs. Tracheostomy helps the aged patients to breathe easily through the tube.

 Noteworthy Benefits Of Home Care Nursing For Elderly:

Home care nursing services for elderly comes with plenty of benefits. Find below some prominent benefits of it.

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1. Offers Comfort At Home:

Your aged parents would receive all the necessary care from trained nurses in the comfort of their home. With home care nursing, elderly can use their own bathroom, bed, and belongings at home and continue with their daily activities under proper care and supervision. It’s a great care solution for elderly people suffering from psychological age-related problems, such as dementia.

2. Promotes Recovery:

Aged patients recovering from any illness or surgery can recover more quickly and comfortably by receiving proper nursing care at their place of abode. Also, home care nursing minimizes the risk of developing infections.

3.  Regain Independence:

Sometimes kind words from an expert and the 24/7 support and loving care motivates the elderly to begin doing some of their everyday chores independently.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:

Choosing home care nursing for elderly can be a cost-effective option, particularly when your need at-home nursing frequently for your aged parents.

 5.  Ensures Peace Of Mind:

You may not  worry anymore about your parents getting injured or being alone at home when trained nurses are taking care of them in your absence.

6.  Improved Quality Of Life:

Proper care, encouragement, and assurance of home care nursing to your elderly family members helps them improve their quality of life significantly.

So, make no delay in choosing home care nursing for your elderly to ensure their well-being at comfort levels they will cherish for ever.


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