15 Signs You Have Bipolar Disorder & What You Can Do about It

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)

Do you remember someone who couldn’t stop chattering while exchanging nervous glances and struggling to make eye contact? Yes, that’s quite likely a possibility of someone who is suffering from this condition that is more common than you think. 

  1. Racing thoughts – When you tend to have one too many thoughts and you can’t seem to keep a check on how fast your mind can function. Yes, that’s the condition we’re talking about and it is a possible symptom. It can leave you thinking you’re Einstein with all the brainwaves occurring at the same time, but then again you need to face reality that you’re not and most of those thoughts are overtaking each other with the majority of them not even being completed.
  2. Unnecessary guilt & Restlessness – If you’re suffering from Bipolar Disorder, chances are that you’re suffering from the constant feeling of anxiety and guilt when there’s actually no particular reason for you to do that! Feeling bad and guilty when you’ve committed a wrong is one thing and going through the absolute same thing when you’re innocent is another story altogether. Hence the irritability and unpredictability that also accompanies this condition among the people suffering from this condition.
  3. Feeling Hopeless & Sad – We’ve arrived at the other end of the spectrum. The darker end, the one where the tunnel seems to not have any light at its end and you can expect nothing but long hours of sadness and disparity with no signs of hope. When someone suffering from bipolar disorder suffers the ‘depression phase’, they feel low and dead as if there is nothing left for them to live for. This phase can last a while and surrounding yourself with friends and family to distract you is the best way forward, rather than going into a shell and locking yourself out from the rest of the world.
  4. With drawl from friends and family – Another very potent sign of depression or the depressed phase of Bipolar disorder is when you feel disconnected from your friends and family. A person suffering from this condition does not find joy in anything or anyone, not even his friends or family. He doesn’t seem to enjoy activities that once pleased him the most! Imagine a footballer who isn’t interested in a game of football. Strange isn’t it? Well that’s what this condition can do to you.
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Sumbul is a dentist by profession and a marketer by choice. She has about 4 years of experience in marketing and a year of clinical experience. Previously, she was working with Witworks. She is a graduate from K.L.E. Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum. Driven by a mission to make a bigger impact in healthcare, she opted to work for Portea.


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