15 Signs You Have Bipolar Disorder & What You Can Do about It

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)
  • Extreme increase or loss of appetite – When someone is suffering from chronic depression, one of two things can happen. Either you end up binge eating – the kinds who need a tub of ice cream and a box of tissues to cope with life, or you give up eating all together and barely get in one meal a day. Both conditions are not ideal and can do your health a world of bad, and need to be treated in time.
  • Fatigue & loss of energy – Someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder in the depression phase undergoes a feeling of extreme weakness and lethargy with no urge to even move a muscle! They prefer staying in bed all day and not moving and feel fatigued even without any physical activity. The body follows where the mind leads!
  • Slow Speech – People suffering from Bipolar disorder in the depressed phase tend to have a slower speed of speech than most others, almost as if they’re talking in their sleep! This is connected to the fatigue they constantly experience and the lack of energy that they have been feeling because of the depression!
  • Problems with memory and concentration – For those suffering from Bipolar Disorder, rationality and sound decision making go out the window! They’re highly influenced by their moodiness and irregular mood swings along with the fatigue so they tend to make decisions that could be based on their delusions and ultimately end up hurting them or those close to them. Relationship decisions and financial decisions should be avoided by those suffering from Bipolar disorder, at least till they get better.
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    Sumbul is a dentist by profession and a marketer by choice. She has about 4 years of experience in marketing and a year of clinical experience. Previously, she was working with Witworks. She is a graduate from K.L.E. Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum. Driven by a mission to make a bigger impact in healthcare, she opted to work for Portea.


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