The Doctor – Patient Interaction

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2016)

The Doctor Patient interaction is one of the most important facets of practicing Medicine.

From the time of Hippocrates to the present time in the New Millenium the world of Medicine has gone through immense changes. The Doctor has new tools to handle Patients, the system now handles many complex Diagnosis, the facet of which how Humans have not only evolved but also handled the Disease burden.The word “Disease” means when you are not at ease with yourself. It can be psychological, Physical or Spiritual; the Doctor will always be the one to handle these problems for Patients.

The “Vaidya” of the present world is not only a person who practices Western Medicine but also Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy or Chinese Medicine and is armed with knowledge to heal patients.

Research around the world has not only got us new insights into the complex workings of the disease processes but also wiped out social stigmas about our Nature. The human facet is complex.

The interaction of the patient with the Doctor has to be cordial, genial and also very comfortable to solve his problem. Sometimes, the patient may not be able to articulate freely with words his thoughts or present complaints, it’s important to record his complaints in his own words, not technical words, for example instead of “Diarrhea” you can probably say patient has been passing loose stools eight times a day, then go on to describe the condition in detail. This is called ”History-Taking”.

This is followed by an examination of the patient. He has to be comfortably undressed and examined. The doctor will use his technical skills to come to provisional diagnosis and after ordering Lab Tests and other investigations he will come to a Final Diagnosis to treat the Patient.

It’s more of a psychological interaction where interrogation gives us information to treat the Patient accurately.

Sometimes, during emergencies when the patient can’t talk we have to stabilize him/her by checking his responsiveness, vital parameters, examination until he regains his consciousness to explain what he is going through.

The room has to be comfortable, well lit and warm to discuss personal issues. We are talking about GP Practice or any Specialist Consultation. In a hospital it’s a different scenario where Patients get adequate access to laboratory tests and Radiological Procedures. Patients can be referred to these centers as and when required.

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Dr. Nitesh Shankar is currently working with Portea. He has over 15 years of experience in the health sector. He is an MBBS from FEM, UK. He has been an emergency physician for many years. At Portea, he closely works with the customer engagement team and takes various initiatives to ensure quality service delivery to our patients.


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