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Certain things to know about malaria:

However, cases of resistance to Artemisinin based drugs were noted in 5 countries; Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The problem of drug resistance is a recurring one. Over time, the parasites start developing resistance to the drugs and it is then, that it becomes crucial to monitor and counter drug resistance. On the other hand, vaccines for malaria are still in their pilot stage. RTS, S/AS01, which has completed its Phase 3 testing,is a strong contender that WHO plans to roll out in a few African countries as a part of the pilot project. The vaccine also gained support from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) which released a scientific opinion indicating the merit and associated risks from it. The vaccine would be a major breakthrough if it succeeds in gaining regulatory licence.

Malaria is a dangerous disease, which can transform to a life-threatening one, if adequate care measures are not adopted. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from malaria, get in touch with a doctor immediately.




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