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(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

At Portea, we deliver medical services at patients’ doorstep. A typical work day at Portea begins with a call to visit a patient. What next, we roll on our sleeves, start off on our bikes and travel across the city to deliver the best care at the patient’s home.

Home visit by general practitioner was a common practice around 50 years ago. It was always the neighborhood or family doctor who visits the family for medical needs. Thereafter, clinics and hospitals started playing bigger roles in patients’ lives. Now, with people getting busier in their lives and having very less time to dwell in their health, home healthcare is gaining grounds. While hospitals and clinics still play their roles, various medical procedures like general consultation, post-surgical care, lab tests and more can be done at home. Home healthcare is busting out illness in the comfort of homes and the numbers are dwindling now.

At Portea, we have reinvented the wheel. We send doctors to patients’ homes and treat the illnesses there without the patient exerting to visit a doctor when they are ill. The psycho-social impact is great when you are not well. You feel down when you are ill, not only down but also vulnerable. That is when home visit from a medical practitioner comes as a soothing solution. A call away now, everything’s arranged from doctor visits, lab services, pharmacy, nursing, nursing aid services, medical equipment and more. With costs of Healthcare rising, Portea is trying to minimize the costs for patients; also, a lot can be done further.

At Portea, we use technology to serve our patients better. A mobile app helps us get notification of our patient visits and timings and Google maps help us reach them faster and at ease. Also, online health records and SMS from the company keep us up to date with patient’s health records.

When we visit patients we first evaluate the Patient’s medical history and assess the condition before the treatment. At Portea, we follow the pattern – assess, diagnosis and treatment. Apart from doctor consultation, we help our patients with physiotherapy, nursing visits, trained attendant service, lab tests and medical equipment. We also offer customized care plans as per patient’s needs.

We the doctors at Portea also handle Company visits and Vaccination Camps living our pledge to deliver quality healthcare in the comfort of patients’ homes.

Now, you can also chat with a doctor for free via Portea’s Mobile app for all your health queries. Download today!

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Dr. Nitesh Shankar is currently working with Portea. He has over 15 years of experience in the health sector. He is an MBBS from FEM, UK. He has been an emergency physician for many years. At Portea, he closely works with the customer engagement team and takes various initiatives to ensure quality service delivery to our patients.


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