Latest Developments In Nursing

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

Nursing is one of the oldest professions in the world. Over the years, the field of nursing has evolved considerably. To cite an example, surgery has changed tremendously in the field of nursing. Today, modern technology has brought a revolution in the healthcare industry. Every day, new patents are being registered and implemented. To keep up with such a brisk pace, nursing has undergone a lot of developmental changes too, in order to provide the best of care to the patients. These are some of the latest development in the field of nursing.

  1. Continued Growth in Technology

Growth in technology is at the forefront of medical advancement. And this growing reliance on technology has brought in new challenges for all medical personnel, including nurses. This trend has continued for many years and is likely to bring new aspects into nurse training. Portable and mobile technologies such as PDAs (personal digital assistants) have resulted in more responsibility in nursing. Emphasis on telemedicine, especially in rural areas, is rising every year. Today, nurses are required to be adaptable. Every year new technologies enter the healthcare sector and nurses need to get aquainted with the continually evolving technologies so that they can choose the best options for their patients and handle them efficiently, by interfacing with medical technologists. Today, nursing requires hands on experience in handling equipment such as Anaesthesia machine, ECG, Ultrasound etc. This list is expected to grow more and more in the coming years.

2. Access to Nursing Education

Online courses have been gaining more and more prominence in every sector. And nursing is no different. With the number of hospitals increasing at a fast rate, the demand for nursing is also increasing day by day. Hence, online nursing programs are gaining more and more importance. Online courses provide a much more flexible and cheaper option. There are various credible options which provide courses of diploma in various courses like Clinical skills for cardiovascular patients, respiratory patients etc. Online nursing programs make it easier for working nurses to pick up particular skills within a short period and with great convenience. Online training in nursing is certainly a new trend, but it is sure to gain prominence in the coming years.

3.Collaborative Nursing

Indian healthcare industry is improving rapidly. As more and more super speciality and multi-specialty hospitals come up, the access to machinery, software and other speciality technology will keep increasing. Handling these equipment would require specific training. It is not possible for every personnel to be efficient in all healthcare equipment. As a result, the need for collaboration is extremely high. Nurses will increasingly collaborate with nursing colleagues as well as non-nurse specialists on a regular basis. Collaborative care with specialists such as pharmacists, dentists, therapists and other such specialists will also increase.  With the rise of personal nursing care, especially at homes, collaborative nursing have and will continue to have massive development.

4. Diversity

We are witnessing diversity in the field of nursing. Nursing is a field that has been subjected to gender stereotyping for a long time; it was always considered as a woman’s job. There were hardly any men who got into nursing. However, this stereotyping has seen a declining trend and we are seeing more and more men who are willing to take up nursing as a profession. Hence, gender diversity is growing in nursing and is expected to grow even faster in the coming years. In terms of technical expertise too, nursing sector has become more and more challenging. As a result, it is slowly becoming a desirable field of work for more and more upcoming students.

5. Improvement in hospital conditions and facilities

Most of the hospitals in India suffer from poor infrastructure and lack of facilities. This is especially true for semi urban and rural areas. As a result, the nurses themselves were deprived from using sophisticated technologies for caring patients. However, with increased funding to healthcare sections, infrastructure and facilities are gradually being upgraded at a reasonable pace. With new and sophisticated technologies being implemented, nursing training has also developed in order to cope with the rising use of these machines.

6. Rising employment opportunities

The concept of ‘on-the-spot’ check-up and treatment is gaining popularity. As a result, the number of retail clinics have been increasing day by day. With their rise in number, the demand for nursing personnel has seen a steady growth. The employment opportunity for nurses will continue to increase due to the rise in private clinics and hospitals.

7. Spiritual nursing and care

The principles of nursing are rooted in the concept of ‘compassion’. And in today’s world, nursing is not only limited to physical care of the patient, but also the mental side to it. They are expected to bond with the patients. Studies have shown that a patient shows much better response to treatment if he/she develops a bond of trust with the caretaker. Hence, the concept of nursing has evolved far beyond the traditional definition.

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  1. Innovation and entrepreneurial activity in the Nursing Technology sector is leading to rapid advancements and the delivery of major improvements in the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. I have seen social media have a real impact on the way nurses are communicating with each other online – from student nurses asking each other for advice on studies to experienced nurses using some of the online communities to discuss everything from balance lifestyle to issues with particular products.


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