Let’s Learn: Immunization

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2017)

The World Immunization Week, observed between 24th and 30th of April focuses on creating and increasing awareness on the importance of timely vaccinations. Immunizations save many lives each year, and are universally consented upon as one of the most effective interventional methods. However, in spite of the proven merits of immunization, people either postpone getting immunized or sometimes even do not give it a thought.

Good to start with the basics:

So what exactly is a vaccine?

A vaccine is an antigen (a substance that assists the immune system in creating antibodies in response to it) that builds one’s immunity towards infections and diseases, thereby preventing the disease.

Immunization is the process that renders an individual resistant or immune to infectious diseases, done usually by administering a vaccine. The one misconception concerning immunization is that it only benefits children; however, the fact remains that it covers all age groups. Not only does this process make you resistant to a strain (or a disease, in general), it also ensures that transmission of the same is prevented. What vaccination does it that it gently stimulates the body’s independent immune system, thus revving it up to function at its optimal state. Though babies do get extra immunity from breast feeding, with time, this immunity reduces as the baby’s own immunity starts developing. But its own immune system stays rather weak to combat any infectious affliction. And now immunization becomes all the more crucial. So, this World Immunization Day let us take a pledge to take many preventive diseases head on by getting vaccinated.


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