Lifestyle Diseases – Why You Should Take Them Seriously?

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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2016)

Industrializations, socio-economic development, urbanization, changing age structure, changing lifestyle have placed India at a position where it is facing a growing burden of non-communicable disease. In India, non-communicable disease accounted for more than 50% of hospital stay and 40% of outpatient visits. India experienced the “highest potential productive years of life “. Lifestyle disease has replaced traditional health risk factor (infectious diseases like cholera, plague etc) resulting in an increase in incidents of morbidity and mortality.

Most important factor is most of the diseases from this group never cures and result into serious complications leading to death e.g. diabetes, cardiac diseases. More than 60% death in India is due to non-communicable disease. Today, cumulative loss of national income in India due to such diseases is more than $237 billion. The most common lifestyle diseases are diabetes, cardiac diseases (hypertension, high cholesterol) stroke, depression, and cancer and lung diseases.

The major cause of non-communicable diseases is changing lifestyle or the so called Sedentary / Modern / Urban Lifestyle.


Tobacco and Alcohol definitely take a toll on one’s lung and liver. Excess amount of alcohol affects your liver. Changing food habits, junk food by choice or as an only option, stress and inadequate sleep and disturbed sleep pattern play an important role.

IT employees and corporate employees are more prone to these diseases. These can also be termed as wealthy diseases. Closer observation states that population from lower socioeconomic status suffers more from infectious diseases and wealthy population suffers from noninfectious means lifestyle diseases.

1. Diabetes Mellitus: Commonly known as diabetes. You can find at least one diabetic patient in your family or relatives & friends. Obesity is one of the main causes of diabetes apart from other factors.

2. Cardiac Diseases: Cardiovascular disease has emerged as India’s top killer along with diabetes and cancer since the turn of the century. Today one in four Indians who died, died of cardiovascular diseases, according to WHO data.

3. Stress & Depression: Increasing stress & pollution: increasing competition , job insecurity or stress at the workplace, changing/ increasing expectations from life, certain notion about class and standers in society and chronic diseases increases stress. This stress affects our body potentially.


4. Cancer: Tobacco, cigarette, use of chemicals, long-term medications, diet, UV exposure, radiation exposure etc are few common reasons behind the deadly disease cancer. Smoking accounts for 1 in 5 deaths among men and 1 in 20 deaths among women, As many as 2,500 persons die every day due to tobacco-related diseases in India. One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India.

Keys to avoid lifestyle diseases – a way towards Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Diet & weight loss: If you are less aware what is healthy for you and what is not then see a dietician. You can also opt for Portea’s wellness program.
  2. Exercise: You can join any wellness program or simply walk for an hour in early morning to start with.
  3. Live stress-free: Yoga, music, work life balance, enough sleep, good nutrition, sports etc. are few healthy habits. Also, if required, it is important to opt for counselling to relieve from stress.
  4. Stay away from addictions: Though it is difficult, always remember why you want to quit smoking or hazards of smoking and other addictions, remember the reason to quit smoking
  5. Regular health checks up: This is important after reaching a certain age to keep one’s health in check.
  6. Stay aware: So that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay away from the lifestyle diseases.

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Dr. Gitanjali Taware has over 8 years of experience in the healthcare sector. She has done her Masters in Health and Hospital Administration from TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She has worked across primary health center, secondary and tertiary hospitals, wellness clinics and home healthcare. Currently, Ms. Taware is working in Portea as Manager - Patient Re-Engagement.


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