Recently Been In An Accident? 5 Ways to Heal Faster

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Recovery from major injuries can be a long and arduous path. If you have recently been in an accident, you are probably realizing that the psychological trauma caused by the incident is amplified by a recovery process that keeps you from resuming work and getting your mind off things. Following medical advice and taking care of your body can often make you heal much faster than anyone would expect. If you want to speed up your recovery time, you can take a number of steps to ensure that your body is getting all it needs.

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Limit your movement

This is probably the most difficult advice for some people to stick to, as soon after people start their recovery process, they become more confident and try to move about their home and perform small tasks. While it is perfectly fine, and even part of the recovery process, to try and get back on your feet, it is only wise to do so when the doctor permits. If you’ve suffered from bone or muscle damage, you might start to feel fine a while after you’ve been wearing a cast and feel more confident walking around the house or trying to fix yourself a sandwich, it is best to avoid doing so unless the doctor has specifically advised you to do so. This can not only slow down your recovery process but also cause long term damage even when you don’t feel any physical discomfort. A lot of patients often complain that they feel sore from lack of movement as they are beginning to recover. But doctors usually prescribe a small amount of exercise time if for the patient to walk around if they require it. Exceeding that is not wise, especially if you want to speed up your recovery time.


While this might seem like a played out piece of advice, water is quite a powerful cure all. Not only should you drink plenty of water soon after your accident as your body will need the hydration soon after such a significant physical and psychological trauma, drinking copious amounts of water during your recovery will help your body process it faster. When in recovery from bone and other tissue injuries, your body is using up a lot of its resources in the process of healing itself. Keeping your body hydrated will naturally ensure that your body’s processes of tissue regeneration can function optimally.

Get all your nutrients

When your body is on the road to recovery, it is burning up your intake of nutrients at a much higher rate. Keeping track of your food intake is crucial while in recovery. When your body is regenerating tissue, it requires protein rich foods as well as foods rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is not naturally produced in the body and is crucial for bone and tissue regeneration. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, as is broccoli and bell peppers. Vitamin A is present in spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes and is helpful in creating white blood cells. White blood cells regulate healing by fighting off infections and increasing the rate of healing. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are generally important for maintaining good eyesight but become more important in the event of an injury. It can reduce inflammation, not only aiding the healing process but also reducing pain.Eating fish daily can ensure a proper intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. For vegetarians, walnuts are an effective replacement other than, of course, supplement capsules.

Major injury usually necessitates that you increase your intake of protein. In cases of tissue or bone damage, a high protein intake is required to facilitate the processes involved in healing and tissue regeneration. Meat and fish are rich in proteins as are pulses and legumes. Zinc rich foods are also a must soon after injury as they help your body process the proteins you consume and help your healing. It also promotes your immune system and prevents infections. Chicken is rich in zinc and if you’re a vegetarian, you can get your daily dose of zinc by consuming nuts as well as seeds such as pumpkin seeds.

Keeping all of these recovery aiding foods in your diet will ensure that you heal faster. Additionally, antioxidant rich foods will help your body utilize its resources better by getting rid of toxins such as free radicals. Having foods with ginger and turmeric as well as fruits like blueberries will make sure that toxins are eliminated from your body.

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Dr Rahul has Masters in Maxillofacial Surgery with an overall experience of six years. Since the last 2 years, he is working in the Medical operations team of Portea. An Alumni of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science, he has previously worked with Nationwide- The Family Doctors while as their Chief Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist. He has a special interest in Facial Trauma Surgery, Dental Implantology and Facial aesthetic surgery. It is not only medicine that fascinates Rahul. He is a die-hard sports enthusiast with a strong passion for Football, Basketball, and Cricket and occasionally strums the guitar, too.


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