The World Of Physiotherapy in Pictures

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2017)

Very often people think that Physiotherapy involves only older adults. And, when Sachin Tendulkar was diagnosed with tennis elbow 1, there was a theory doing rounds that Physiotherapy is helpful only to people in sports. Well, the scope of Physiotherapy is broader than popular perception, as the following pictures reveal:

Physiotherapist with a child
Physiotherapist with a child                                           
Physiotherapist helping a young adult to recover                           


Physiotherapist helping an elderly  

Some of the equipment and machinery that a physiotherapist uses are provided below:

Foam roller is well known for the massage like effect it produces


Thera band used in light strength training                                                                       


Strength training with Physiotherapy
Strength training using weights


TENS Physiotherapy
TENS therapy makes use of low-voltage electricity to bring pain-relief

Physiotherapy has been found to bring relief in a wide range of conditions, and infact, involves a number of different treatment and preventative approaches. To know more get in touch with Portea Physiotherapy.


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