5 Fascinating Facts About Weight Loss You Surely Didn’t Know!


    How often have you wondered about fitting into that dress that you kept aside two years ago because now your bulging tummy doesn’t permit you to pull that off? The race of thoughts isn’t only confined to looking good; the health hazards of obesity are innumerable too. Shedding those extra kilos and embarking on the quest from fat to fit may sound very tedious; especially for this generation that’s used to getting easy results. However, there are some overwhelmingly fascinating facts about weight loss which might change your perception. Read on to get surprised!

     1. Where and how you eat, matters!

    The little details of where you eat and how you eat make a considerable amount of difference to your calorie intake. For example, researchers believe that using red plates and blue plates makes people eat less. Dim lights, soothing music and a tidy surrounding make people consume about 200 calories less than usual. Eating slowly also helps reduce weight. On eating slowly, food tends to become cold which is much less appealing than hot food. Soggy cold pizza, for example? No thank you!

    1. You burn more calories while sleeping than watching TV.

    That’s right! You have more chances of losing weight while sleeping than you do while watching television. Study states that you burn approximately 65 calories per hour while watching television and about 95 calories per hour while sleeping. So if you get the recommended 8 hours sleep per day, then most of your job is done!

    1. Drinking oil keeps your diet in check.

    You can lose a few pounds by drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons of extra-light olive oil between meals twice daily. This diet can curb your appetite and reduce your body’s weight. If you consume foods with unfamiliar taste, your brain thinks your body must be starving, so it lowers its set points and causes weight loss.

    1. A chilly, dark room helps your body burn more calories.

    A chilly bedroom improves your metabolism and sleep. Sleeping in a cold room is a good way to force the body to heat up itself for hours, and then you burn more calories to keep yourself warm. This is one of the weird ways to lose weight without exercise that people might not know about.

    1. You’re better off eating alone.

    Research says that on an average, the propensity to eat goes up by almost 35 percent while eating with somebody else in companion. If someone eats with a large group of seven or more people, they usually eat nearly twice as much (or 96 percent more than when they were eating alone). So if you want to watch your weight, eat alone.

    For years, people have believed that perpetual workouts and excruciatingly tasteless and nimble diets were the only ways to lose weight. Now you know that you can quite easily lay off a few pounds by making simple yet effective changes to your lifestyle; weight loss no longer remains a far-fetched dream. A healthy lifestyle paired with a healthy yet hearty diet is the only secret to a healthy body. So you can start working on a good night’s sleep before you focus on a good day’s work out. To know more, call 1800-121-2323.



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    Sreedevi Madhavan manages the content at Portea. She has 6 years of experience writing and managing medical content relevant to the patient and physician community. She also writes blogs for self-development, a handiwork of which can be seen at: www.sreedevi96.blog Sreedevi’s motto in life is “Keep learning, as learning keeps us young and dreams keep us alive.”


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