5 Reasons Monsoon Is The WORST Season For Elders- How You Can Help Them Cope Better!


    Monsoon is a season of renewed hope. For many, the rains mean relaxing indoors with a steaming hot cup of tea and hot pakoras. There is also a small minority that dreads the rains.

    The monsoon season is particularly difficult for the elderly. The cherished activities of the elderly like going for long walks, visiting and engaging in enlightening conversations with other members of the same age, going to laughing clubs or participating in various group meetings etc get affected due to rains. They are forced to confine themselves to their home. The monsoon season not only dampens the environment but also the spirits of the aged. So how can we help our beloved elderly friends cope with this rather difficult season?

    Number 1:

    Elders require extra care during this season. The damp and wet weather may be a greater cause of worry for people who are already suffering from an ailment. Those suffering from arthritis often report that their arthritis pain seems to worsen with the rains. Monsoon also brings with it diseases like malaria, dengue and pneumonia. Take note of any signs of fever or gastrointestinal disorders and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    Number 2:

    During the rainy season or after a particularly heavy downpour, it is common for the rain to seep in through the windows and shutters. Leaking ceiling, water puddles, etc are particularly dangerous for the old. Monitor them and warn them of any water leaks that are about in the house.

    Number 3:

    Rains makes it difficult for elderly people to enjoy their evening or morning walks. Doctors advise that they restrict themselves to walking indoors till rains cease.

    Number 4:

    During the monsoon season extra care and attention should be given towards what you eat. You should concentrate on eating nutritious and wholesome meals as opposed to having oily or heavy foods that may lead to diarrhea and indigestion. Increase the fiber intake in your diet with additional fruits and vegetables. Hot, steaming soups and stews with vegetables and proteins are ideal food choices for the elderly.

    Number 5:

    Generally the water intake during the monsoon season decreases for most people including the elderly, as a result of the continuous damp and chilly weather conditions. But the monsoon season has a drying effect on people and it is important to drink sufficient amount of water even though you may not be feeling thirsty. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins and clean the system; it improves blood circulation and stops joint aches from resurfacing. Make sure that the elderly people stay hydrated. Give them at least 7-8 glasses of water to drink every day.

    If you are also someone who is stuck indoors due to the heavy rains and cannot go to your college/school/place of work, take this opportunity to spend time with your grandparents or old people in your neighborhood whom you know well. Engage with them in fun conversations, share stories, play board games or watch a movie with them. These little moments of shared laughter and your gift of time may bring a smile to their faces and brighten their rather gloomy day. Also, if this monsoon season you are away from your parents, and worried about the medical care needs of your parents back home, get in touch with a dedicated health care manager from Portea and leave the rest to us.



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