How to Stay Healthy This Diwali?

    (Last Updated On: October 18, 2017)

    It is perhaps the most widely celebrated festival in the country – and without the food and drinks, the shining, glittering dresses and the endless nights of celebration, can Diwali be what it is? But maybe it’s time to take baby steps towards ensuring this is as much a time for health and awareness, as it is for joy and celebration.

    Healthy and euphoric – can they co-exist? Most certainly!

    According to a recent report by the Union ministry of Environment and Forests, around this time of the year air pollution levels spike up to about 8 times that of the safety limits. Noise pollution triples. And thanks to all the elaborately greasy food and sweet-binges – not only are you likely to gain at least 2-3 unnecessary kilos, your system is also prone to some serious health risks.

    Doing food right this Diwali

    We can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in India, we seem to measure our love for each other through food. And that explains a lot, actually! Come festivals, and that love reaches manic proportions! So how do you say ‘no’ to unhealthy food binging without offending friends and relatives? Here are a few easy and sneaky ways out of the situation.

    Antioxidants – your best friends this season

    Anti oxidant foods

    They will not only help you fight the air pollution and the toxicity, but will also safeguard you against all the fried food that you’re sure to pollute your system with – antioxidants are your best allies this season. Amla, oranges, sweet lime and pomegranate are all fantastic sources of antioxidants. So remember to stock up. Also, why not set a healthy trend this Diwali of sharing pomegranate smoothies or say, a healthy orange-date breakfast delight instead of sharing sweets loaded in sugar.

    Drink up, keep hydrated

    Health drinks

    In addition to drinking adequate amounts of water, healthy and filling drinks including vegetable juices, coconut water, buttermilk, or even a nice cup of hot soup are great choices. They work at multiple levels: the high fibre content will work well for your digestive routine; they are replete with vitamins and minerals; they keep you hydrated; and of course, they are filling. The best time to down a quick glass would be just before heading out to that party – apart from all the other benefits, it will prevent you from overeating!

    Never starve

    Hungry woman

    And that brings us to the next point and probably the most vital one. While this theory holds true for all times, it becomes even more pertinent during festivals like Diwali because of a misconception. Many people believe that by starving yourself the whole day, you are actually justifying your excessive food intake at parties. Well, you couldn’t be making a bigger mistake. Skipping meals and staying hungry just because you might be eating a high calorie meal later in the day leads to one and only one result: overeating – which eventually translates as weight gain. This is the worst thing you could do to your body – so spare yourself.



    Come to think of it, during festive seasons it’s not so much what you eat rather than how much you indulge yourself. Although keeping your portion size small is a habit you should inculcate anyway, it is particularly useful this time of the year because the food choices you get now aren’t the best. So watch your plate.

    Eyes at the salad bar!

    Salad bar

    This is not news to anybody, but we will lay it down once again! When confronted with a banquet of deep fried, ghee-dripping savouries, excuse yourself, take a detour and march straight towards ‘greener’ pastures. Your eyes should first scour the scene for the salad bar – for fresh, sautéed or steamed vegetables. Fill yourself up adequately, and only then tempt yourself with anything oily or rich.

    Sweet misgivings!

    friends sharing sweets

    When it’s Diwali, it’s virtually impossible to escape sweets. While copious amounts of sugar intake can be terrible for your body, it isn’t easy to avoid them totally. The best bet you have is to limit the amount. One way of doing this is to make sure you share your mithai or gulab jamun with someone else in situations that don’t allow you to say no. That way you at least cut out a considerable portion.

    Cleanse                                Herbal tea

    No matter how hung over you are the next morning – with food or anything else – remember to make an effort to cleanse your system. Enough water, herbal tea or green tea, fruits and vegetables – they will all help in quickening your metabolism and cleansing the digestive system.

    Well, if you are looking out for diet plans to detox this festive season, you have arrived at the right place. You can avail two teleconsultations by our experts along with a free assessment of your BMI and body composition analysis. Also, do not miss the opportunity to avail a Festive Diet plan for a whole month. Call 1800-121-2323 to know more.

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