10 Health Benefits of Drinking a Little Over 8 Glasses Of Water Everyday

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

This bare necessity of mankind covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface and comes with a bounty of benefits for every living organism on Earth. The magical bond between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom has given rise to a wonder liquid which is loaded with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium etc. as well as is the one stop solution for kidney problems, skin issues, obesity as well as removes all the waste and toxic substances from your body, helps in digestion, prevents constipation, improves your immunity, fights fatigue and the list goes on! So next time you grab a glass of water and gulp it down out of habit, wait for a moment and think of all the goodness your are adding to your body and be thankful for this blessing.

As with almost everything around, the quantity of water you drink in a day is very individualistic and is largely dependent on your body weight, BMI and other factors such as any particular disorder that you may be suffering from. While 8 glasses per day is the minimum, you can definitely go beyond that- the more you keep yourself hydrated, the healthier you will be. You can also add a few sprigs of mint, a slice of orange, or squeeze a little lemon to drink as much water as you can!

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Improves kidney function

Water is a great detoxifier and protects you from kidney stones by diluting the minerals of urine and excreting them.

Acts as a natural anti-ageing remedy!

Believe it or not but it is true! Just like a plant that shrivels and withers away when you stop watering it, so does your skin. Water is nature’s moisturizer to your skin and keeps your skin soft, glowing and wrinkle-free. Water clears away toxins which are responsible for skin inflammation and acne, making your skin fresh, vibrant and pimple-free.

Boosts intelligence

Sounds shocking right? Recent observations have proved that there is a strong link between sufficient water consumption and improved cognitive abilities in a person. Just like your body, your brain also requires water to stay hydrated. Mental faculties and memory power can skyrocket when your brain is hydrated enough to function properly.

Strengthens the immune system

Water contains plenty of oxygen; drinking enough water will ensure that all the cells and tissues in your body are well oxygenated, which in turn will make your muscles and organs work better. Moreover, water promotes the production of lymph which is responsible for the circulationof WBC (white blood corpuscles) and nutrients from the thymus gland (a lymphoid gland at the base of your vertebral column) and your bone marrow to all parts of your body. All these functions are inter-related and help in strengthening your immune system.

Prevents sprains and muscle spasm

Regularly indulging in too much caffeine, alcoholic beverages, sodas and black tea makes your body chronically dehydrated. When your body has very less water, toxins accumulate and circulate in the blood, causing painful spasms and inflammation. Drinking enough water will lubricate your bone joints and keep your muscles elastic, thus keepingsprains and spasms at bay.

Water uplifts your mood

A happy woman

Tension, stress, confusion and depression – all of these get positively impacted with adequate consumption of water every day. Although the exact reason is yet to be discovered, water has been found to ease anxiety and nervousness while helping you to focus more on your work. Try and keep a check on the colour of your urine. A light coloured urine indicates a good level of dehydration.

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