11 Amazing Benefits of Switching to Organic Foods

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

There’s always been a huge hype surrounding the benefits and goodness of organic foods, and how they’re healthier for us in numerous ways. While they ARE indeed healthier and better to consume than the artificially grown/genetically modified fruits and vegetables that are available in the market, you should know why they’re good for you. The following pointers are the benefits of eating chemical free, naturally grown fruits and vegetables that might be slightly harder to find or a tad bit more expensive than the usual groceries, but definitely worth it!

  1. They’re chemical free – This is the most obvious and important reason you NEED to switch to organic foods! Eating fruits and vegetables that are not poisoned with life-enhancing chemicals or pesticides that seep right into the fruit is definitely a major reason to consider the next time you go grocery shopping. Did you know that 90% of the chemical pesticides used in foods have not even been tested by the FDA, and that they only test 1% of the pesticide residue? Astonishing and scary at the same time, isn’t it?
  1. Packed with more nutrients – Needless to say, organic food is much more nutrient rich and packed with various vitamins and nutrients that would have otherwise been destroyed or lost due to the use of artificial chemicals and pesticides. The soil that they’re grown in is also managed responsibly and in a sustainable manner!
  2. They taste better! – You have to try it to believe it! Organic foods are grown better in well-nourished soil and are much juicier and better tasting than artificially grown foods. Some of them are even groomed organically for taste over appearance!
  3. They’re rich in Antioxidants – If you’re looking to detox then you needn’t look any further! Organic foods are the answer to all your troubles! Studies in the recent years have shown that organic foods are loaded with antioxidants and help them work better because there isn’t any sort of interference from the chemicals that are otherwise prevalent in the artificially grown foods. Organic foods thus play a big role in a healthier life and prevent cancer, heart diseases and cognitive malfunction! Are you convinced already?
  4. They keep your heart healthy – Did you know that eating organic foods especially has a good result on your heart health? Increased time spent grazing on the greens has shown to increase the presence of a compound known as CLA – conjugated linoleic acid which is present in animal meat and animal products and promotes good heart health!
  5. Boosts up your immune system – Initially it may seem like genetically modifying a potato to grow five times larger than it actually should be is a good way of solving the world hunger problem, it isn’t. GM foods are relatively new and their long term effect on the human body hasn’t been tested, but from tests done on animals the results aren’t too overwhelming. There’s a sharp decline in the immune system of animals fed on a diet of genetically modified foods, along with sexual dysfunctions and increase in birth motality!
  6. It’s filling! – The best part about organic food is that it’s much more filling than the normal food you find out there. Processed foods tend to leave us hungrier than we initially were before eating but organic food is quite the opposite, filling you up and satisfying your hunger sufficiently. Makes for a great choice while dieting since you pack on large amounts of food for barely any calories.
  7. Organic foods don’t require preservatives – Because the organic food is free of artificial chemicals, the natural shelf life is long anyway and hence they don’t need preservatives. Chicken grown fresh on a farm is far lower in sodium content than the frozen chicken shipped across long distances and requiring sodium to stay edible! Switch to the preservative-free side of the food spectrum.
  8. It helps preserve the environment – Besides all the good that’s coming out of it for your body, you’re playing an active part in preventing soil and water pollution and saving the environment. Although it might sound clichéd, the environment needs responsible citizens of the earth now more than ever! In the words of Leonardo Di Caprio, ‘Climate Change is Real’!
  9. Promoting Animal Welfare – Do you know when you eat a caged animal that is living out its last few days in fear, you ingest the fight or flight hormones it releases in its moments of terror? By switching to organic you choose healthy, farm raised animals that are bred with dignity and not caged up and kept in terror.
  10. You’re helping the farmer – In the long run, organic farming is the sustainable future for both the farmer and consumer. By ensuring the preservation of soil and saving the costs of unwanted pesticides and chemicals you’re doing the farmer a huge favour!

If these points aren’t enough to convince you, then you need to go and try just one day of healthy organic eating to feel the difference in your body mind and soul!

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  1. I Agree to that! having organic food daily can reduce the doctor visits in your family. But now a days its too tough to find such foods. everything is polluted today 🙁 Hope govt will take steps to control this by helping farmers grow big.


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