15 Health Benefits of Avocado You Never Knew

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Over the years, it has been observed how important it is to include fruits and vegetables in your diet for a healthy life. Avocados, also known as butter fruit and alligator pear, are a combination of good taste and excellent nutrient qualities. Be it in a smoothie or a brownie, salad or a wrap, avocados can serve all up! Listed below are some unique qualities of this super-food which will make you instantly include it in your diet in case you haven’t all this while:

High nutrient value

Avocados are said to contain 20 different types of minerals and vitamins (B5, B6, C, E, K), along with a wide range of nutrients. They have a low percentage of saturated fat and almost negligible sodium and cholesterol.

High potassium content

Potassium is an important nutrient as it helps in maintaining the electrical gradients in the cells of your body as well as performs other crucial functions. Avocado has a high potassium content of 14% (in a 100 gram serving), which is quite higher than bananas, another food with high potassium content.

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Great substitute for meat

If you want to turn vegan and are worrying about the absence of fats and proteins in your diet, you can put your full faith in avocados. It can be considered as a very valuable food gifted by nature to us. The fat and protein content is much higher compared to other fruits. At the same time, the fat present in avocado is far more digestible compared to animal fats.

Loaded with oleic acid

Avocado is considered to be a food with high fat content of 77%. The fat, in this case is oleic acid, which is a mono-unsaturated fatty acid. Oleic acid is healthy for your heart, and also helps in reducing inflammation.

Adequate fibre content

Eating fibrous foods keeps you system clear and reduces the risk of constipation. It also helps to flush out the bad cholesterol from your system. Avocado has a very high fibre content compared to other foods.

Helps in digestion

According to studies, avocados are very soothing for your intestine, enabling good digestion. The soluble as well as the insoluble fibres ensure that food passes without any difficulty through your intestinal tract.

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Dr. Hirna Bhatt holds a Master degree in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University U.K and a Master degree in Acupuncture from Nagpur University. She is specialized in musculoskeletal conditions and have over 3 years of experience in treating patients. Besides working as a therapist, she has keen interest in painting and craft work. She quotes, “Do what makes you happy, success comes in that happiness.”


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