3 Hacks to Enjoy Steaming Hot Pakoras and Samosas while it’s raining _Guilt-free!

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

Monsoon is the one season that most of us love to hate! However, while the constant pitter-patter of rain continues to dampen the atmosphere and our very spirits and the waterlogging puts us under indefinite house arrest, there are ways we can turn our frown upside down.  One of the most popular methods for most people is of course to turn to piping hot, desi-comfort foods such as Pakoras and Samosas.

However, as we all know- that comes with its share of guilt, obesity1obesity:https://medlineplus.gov/obesity.html, heart disease, and other perils. So, can we really enjoy these delicacies yet protect our health and long-term happiness? Yes! Here are 3 awesome ways we can be food freaks and health nuts at the same time!

  1. Go the Air Fryer Way

An air fryer is truly a godsend gadget for lovers of fried food. It is like a convection oven that cooks with little or no oil. This ensures a low-fat yet delicious meal for you every time. Although it is called an air fryer there is no actual frying involved. This gadget probably derives its name from the mesh basket that is found inside it where you place the food in order for it to cook. Hot air comes down from the top and keeps re-circulating around the basket until it goes back up again. A kitchen appliance that can whip up all of your favourite comfort foods2comfort foods: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2012/06/rethinking-snacks-comfort-foods-7-tips/ with 80% less fat and with almost the same texture, crispiness, flavour and taste, this appliance ensures that your monsoon treats are scrumptious yet healthy.

2. Bake it

If you don’t own an air fryer yet, you can easily fall back on your trusted oven to cook your samosas and pakoras. You can make pakoras healthy by baking instead of frying them. Just slightly drizzle the food items with oil and pop them into the oven. But be warned- baking can sometimes reduce the nutritional value of food as it destroys sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B.  However it is still a much healthier option than frying and one, which also makes you feel less bloated3bloating:http://www.healthline.com/symptom/abdominal-bloating after the indulgent meal.

3. Add healthier fillings/stuffing

A cheese and beetroot stuffing is a much healthier, refreshing, and wholesome option in place of the usual potato and peanuts. Beetroot has plenty of nutritional benefits – it helps to lower blood pressure and maintain cholesterol levels. Cheese on the other hand contains zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin K2, sodium and riboflavin. You can also have cauliflower pakoras, which are not only tasty but also extremely healthy as cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids4omega-3 fatty acids:http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/omega-3-fatty-acids-fact-sheet#1 and phosphorus.  Or else, give peas a chance! They are a great source of folate, magnesium, iron, and Vitamin K, which prevent heart disease and constipation while reducing cholesterol.

Who knew samosas could be good for your heart, digestion and blood pressure? Wow- Bring it on, Rain! Also, if you are concerned about improving the nutrition needs of your family get in touch with Portea Activ today. Portea Activ family nutrition program involves:

  • Health assessment for all the members on call.
  • Goal Setting for Each Member of the family basis the assessment.
  • One common Meal plan for all members, Different Snack Plan for all basis the preference. Eg- Kids, office goers, home makers, elders will have different snack plan.
  • Different portion size mentioned on the meal plan for all members.
  • Grocery shopping recommendations and recipe sharing along with the plan
  • Two follow up teleconsultations once in 15 days.
  • One member of the family will be nominated as Health Expert and the nutritionist will guide him/her on chat for proper tracking and monitoring.
Call 1800-121-2323 to know more.

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4.omega-3 fatty acids:http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/omega-3-fatty-acids-fact-sheet#1
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