8 Best Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

Non-diary sources of calcium
(Last Updated On: October 25, 2017)

How many of us have grown up believing that if we don’t drink milk we will be calcium-deprived. I think there will be an entire generation that thinks that had it not been for milk, their calcium reserves in the body would have been nil to date. True, milk is a major source of calcium1https://milk.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=000817. However, it is not the ONLY source of calcium.

Contrary to popular belief, calcium is not a mineral that’s found only in dairy products such as milk, curd or cottage cheese. While these are of course rich sources of calcium, you don’t need to limit yourself to just these. We’ve curated a list of foods that are NON DAIRY, yet still packed with calcium and able to fulfill the requirements of your body.

  1. Broccoli – Every child’s nightmare, this veggie is a favorite among grown ups, especially fitness enthusiasts owing to low calorie and the health value it offers. Broccoli has large amounts of calcium (nearly 86 mg in 2 cups) and also has insane amounts of Vitamin C that are good for your skin and immunity system both! Some studies have also indicated the positive benefits of this vegetable in curing skin and colon cancer.                         Broccoli
  2. Kale – You’ve probably heard a lot about this vegetable and it being called a super food and how magical it is. Well, the claims can be substantiated! This vegetable is indeed a super food and has it all, it is a storehouse of minerals with 100 mg of calcium in one cup alone, along with healthy doses of Vitamin C & Vitamin K that helps in blood clotting.                                                                                                                                    Kale
  3. Figs – Figs or Anjeer as they’re commonly known are another non-dairy food rich in Calcium content. It’s more than just a chewy, sweet dessert like fruit! In fact it’s a store house of fiber & potassium as well as magnesium that is one of the most essential nutrients required by the body. All this goodness coupled with the rich Calcium content make it a must have in every grocery list.                                                                                    fig
  4. Oranges – Oranges have nearly 30 mg of calcium in one cup of orange juice! That makes them a great and delicious choice for all those looking to up their calcium levels and have fun while doing it. Besides that, as you probably already know they’re a great source of Vitamin C and brimming with antioxidants which makes them a must have in your kitchen arsenal.                                                                                                                      oranges
  5. Almonds – Fun Fact – A cup of roasted almonds has a whopping 457 mg of calcium! If you’re looking for an easily accessible source of calcium that is easy to store and can be eaten anywhere or at any time then look no further because this dry fruit is just what your body needs!                                                                                                                        Almonds
  6. Chia Seeds – An ounce of chia seeds has 179 mg of calcium! These are easily available and can be mixed with almost anything. Whether it’s a delicious chia cinnamon pudding or just a glass of lime water to beat the heat, the choice is left entirely up to you. Consume these how ever you want to, but make sure to include them in your list of foods to combat calcium deficiency.                                                                                            chia seeds
  7. Tofu – Tofu is so similar to a dairy product that it’s almost unfair to call it NON DAIRY. However, the fact of the matter remains that Tofu is a non dairy item and derived from soya, rich in both calcium and protein! It’s likeness to cottage cheese is what causes all the confusion, but it contains the calcium content of a glass of milk within 1.2 servings! It also tastes delicious and can be a great solo dish and an addition in salads or even a snack.                                                                                                                                     Tofu

8. Soymilk – We can’t mention Soya and Tofu and not talk about Soymilk. Yes, it’s fortified with calcium but it is definitely a non-dairy product and does not come under that umbrella! That being said, it has almost the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. Soymilk is also available easily at the grocery store and in a number of delicious flavours thus making it easy to consume and carry anywhere, anytime depending upon your needs.

                     Soy Milk

It is important to understand that if you aren’t getting enough calcium in your diet, the body takes calcium from the bones to ensure normal cell function, which can lead to weakened bones and ultimately make you susceptible to injuries and fractures at the risk of a single fall. So make it a point to get your calcium levels tested without delay. With Portea, you can get tested for calcium levels at the comfort of your home!


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