9 Cancer causing foods that you are consuming on a daily basis

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

There is almost a spate of super foods, which are touted to be the best options to prevent cancer. But what about those foods which could be giving you cancer! The carcinogens present in almost all processed foods contribute to certain types of cancers. And what is even more of a shocker is that cancer could be the result of all these foods which you might be eating regularly. The rest of the article focuses on giving you a trail of 7 such foods which could end up being the primary culprit behind cancer.

1Canned tomatoes:

Two natural tomatoes popping out of an aluminum can

While fresh tomatoes enjoy the reputation of being ‘cancer-suppressers’, their canned counterparts are quite the opposite. Bisphenol A is the chemical that is used to make the lining of almost all the canned foods. This is in turn a major contributor to cancer. According to studies, BPA influences the functioning of the brain in rats. The acidic content of tomatoes causes the BPA to drip from the lining into the tomatoes themselves. This makes canned tomatoes absolutely unfit for children.

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  1. Reduce canned and packed stuff as much as possible.. if possible make food as our ancestors used to make. A faster/modern life is going to give us a faster/modern kind of death too…


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