A Beginner’s Guide to Calcium-Rich Foods

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

An increasing number of advertisements are pushing milk as the answer to strong bones and for preventing osteoporosis in the later stages of life. The calcium content in milk gives our bones the necessary strength and prevents them from becoming brittle. Known as a great source of protein and calcium, milk is readily available everywhere. A cup of milk has around 280 mg of calcium. The great part is that anyone can have it, whether young or old. Having a cup of milk daily is thus recommended for most people as long as they don’t have lactose intolerance.

1Which foods other than milk are then the best sources of calcium?

It isn’t practically possible and also safe to get the recommended daily dosage of calcium from a single source. You have to space it out in between multiple sources as part of a balanced diet. Some of the most easily available food sources which are rich in calcium mentioned are:

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Dr.Rajprabha Patra practiced as a Dental Surgeon for 5 years before making a switch into the business domain with an MBA from ISB. As the Product Manager for Counselling Services at Portea, she aims to make a difference in the way mental health is perceived in India.



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