Healthy Food Myths Debunked

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2016)

How you feel and look is largely influenced by what you eat. And there is just too much information floating about on Food. “Eat this, don’t eat that”, you must have heard or read this all the time from dubious sources. This avalanche of information makes you believe that you know enough on the subject to know what to eat. 

But really, it isn’t as simple as that.

In this blog we will talk about myths and presumptions you probably believe but that might be silently sabotaging your efforts of weight loss.

#1 As Long As you’re Eating Healthy Foods, Calories Don’t Matter.


There’s an old saying: you can’t get too much of a good thing. In this age of health & diet obsession, we’ve been conditioned to think about foods as good or bad. Unfortunately this is not how it works! Foods are not ‘good’ and ‘bad’. That’s a much too simplistic way to describe how food nutrition works. Some ‘seemingly not so good’ foods, ex: fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body, of course in small amounts. And some super healthy foods such as too many apples may cause gas, bloating and diarrhea because of high fiber and sorbitol. Even water in excess can be damaging and the same goes for broccoli! 

Words like “natural”  “healthy” and “gluten-free” “are perceived as a free license to eat as much as you want. Even though the food might technically be ‘healthy,’ if you eat too much of a good thing, the calories can still add up. And hence, the amount really matters.

It’s important not to choke on ‘facts’ and don’t blindly follow all food alerts. Stay in the know mode, but eat food by instinct. Also, nothing is completely bad. Foods are only bad when eaten in excess. Always follow this one sacred rule for diets – “eat in moderation and you’ll never go wrong”. This way how much ever research reveals or buries, you’ll always be in the pink state of health!

#2 Healthy Food Doesn’t Taste Good


Making healthy food choices, always a question mark? Or you feel in order to eat healthy; you will have to compromise on taste.  Scientists recommend that you try a food 10 times before concluding that you don’t like it. No, seriously! Also, if your life is dependent on processed foods, their hidden additives can actually mess with your palate, and you start looking for the distinct taste of salt and sugar even in healthy food which might taste dull in comparison. 

There is no harm in giving multiple chances to healthy food, it’s not only nutritious but also helps in retraining your taste buds gradually. We’ve put together a set of healthy food assortments to suit different needs basis your lifestyle, occupation and eating habits. Our team of experts has created these assortments to include ready to cook healthy food items, packed healthy foods for snacking or munching, healthy beverages and healthy raw ingredients. For example, are a working professional and end up eating junk during office hours? Then we have Office Munchies for you – an exquisite collection of nourishing snacks, healthy drinks, energy bars and so on. We have many more healthy food assortments: Time Savers, My Own Chef, Energy and Immunity Boosters. Reach out to us on 18001212050 or write to us at

Here’s wishing you a healthy life. Get Up, Get Activ! 


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