Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Home-made Healthy Desserts

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2017)

Desserts make the majority among us go weak in the knees. They are almost like that warm rug on a cold wintry morning. It is certainly like the best icing a cake ever deserves and a spectacular climax to a movie. It’s hard to deny that desserts serve as the befitting end to a perfect meal. Indians have the infamous sweet tooth, a penchant for sweets. Not only do they form a major part of the staple fare, but they’re also used for reasons as sacred as worship.

The sad fact remains they add extra pounds, and these sweet fantasies aren’t really the best news for your belly fat.

This Valentine’s week, let’s go on a health tour to find just those perfect desserts which can satiate your sinful sweet tooth, and at the same time aren’t too unhealthy . Read on:

If this delectable thing happens to be your weakness, then let us suggest a healthy tweak to it. Instead of having them the traditional way (that is soaked in sugar syrup), try opting for the baked variants this time around (trust the delectability!). Being low in calories, this automatically qualifies as a healthier alternative.

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