10 Healthy & Easy Snack Ideas for Diwali

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)

It’s the festive season and you surely are going to let your hair down. Voila! Besides being the festival of lights and grandeur, Diwali is certainly the time for one and all to gorge on some of the most delectable delicacies. A range of sweets; some fried, few baked and other choicest of dishes make up the average Indian kitchen this time of the year. But does considering the H-word (read, health) ever fall out of fashion? Amidst all the fervor and euphoria, you might just feel a little passive about your health. And that is understandable (it really is). But before you already make up your mind and reach out for that batter fried ‘kachori’, you might want to know about these 10 amazingly healthy, yet simple snacks you can swear by this festive season of good triumphing over evil. All because it is Diwali, and it is never too late to honor thy health. Read on.

1. Nuts


A handful of these can prove to be extremely helpful whenever hunger strikes. Nuts are packed with generous amounts of anti-oxidants which make them heart healthy foods as well. If you’re bored with peanuts, go for almonds or walnuts, which can serve as delicious additions in your routine bowl of milk or yogurt.

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