10 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Go For Blood Tests

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2017)

The 21st century has been seeing progression in leaps and bounds, but at the same time there has been a sharp increase in the number of health problems in people. They are being diagnosed with a plethora of illnesses, which eventually may leave an adverse effect on their lives. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent many serious and chronic health conditions. Regular blood tests give a clue to your doctor if your body is working properly and diagnoses any health issue that you may be suffering from.

The following list provides you with 10 important reasons why regular blood tests should occupy a mandatory place in your life schedule:

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Prevention is better than cure

It is not a wise option to wait for something to happen before you consult a doctor or undergo a blood test. A timely and proper examination will help you from contracting any chronic disease. In our modern world, health depends on a number of factors such as your lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels and mental health. In order to analyse your condition, it is always feasible that you go for regular blood tests to be sure instead of going nowhere with guessing.

Appearances can be deceptive

Many a times, you may fall sick but do not bother visiting a doctor or undergoing tests. It could be due to lack of time, or because of the notion that every minor illness does not need to be treated. Common sicknesses like fever, cough, cold and headaches are generally not given much importance, with the belief that it will automatically be cured. You must remember that often, these common symptoms can be a reason for some serious illness. Apart from that, there are many serious health conditions which might not throw up any symptom initially. Doctors can also fail to detect them just by a physical examination. A proper blood test will show the exact status of your health.

Fluctuation in weight

It might so happen that you have been following a strict diet but still not losing the kilos. This often results in you increasing your workout time or going for a stricter diet. But often, unexplained weight gain can be a symptom of a heart disease, changes in your hormonal levels, liver damage or thyroid issues. At times, cancer can also be the reason for extra fat storage in the body. A blood test can help you to put an end to this guessing game and let you know the proper reason for your sudden increase or decrease in weight.



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