10 Stroke Symptoms that Everyone Should Know

Stroke Symptoms
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

Research states that every 45 seconds, a person suffers from stroke. Therefore, it is important to mind the common stroke symptoms or warning signs. Immediate and effective treatment of stroke symptoms can make sure that the condition doesn’t worsen and one gets relief in time. For most stroke problems, medical professionals use intravenous drugs. But these drugs need to be given to a patient within three hours from signs of stroke symptoms. When a patient receives treatment promptly, he or she is likely to experience relief from the problem.  

Here are 10 common stroke symptoms that everyone should know. This would keep yourself informed so that you can take care of yourself or a loved one better.

1. Numbness or Weakness 

This is considered to be the most common sign of a stroke. A person suffering from a stroke may experience numbness or weakness of legs, face or arm, especially on a single side of the body. The patient’s mouth may also get uneven. It’s recommended to ask the person suffering from a stroke to smile. It’s an effective stroke treatment strategy.  

2. Drooping

If a person is experiencing a stroke, one of his sides may droop. The person may also experience some difficulty in moving his arm or controlling his fingers. Regardless of stroke causes, this symptom is inevitable.  

3. Trouble Understanding or Speaking  

Most healthcare experts believe that speech problems are common stroke symptoms. A person experiencing a stroke may face difficulty in speaking. His speech may also be slur and distorted.  

4. Sudden Confusion 

When you experience stroke problems, one lacks understanding of different things and seems confused. In such situations, the person needs to be closely observed and if he or she finds difficulty in speaking, a doctor should be consulted immediately.  

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5. Sudden Vision Problem

Most stroke patients experience sudden vision problems. A person experiencing a stroke might be unable to see things properly with one or both eyes. It might be either blurred vision or double vision.  

6. Loss of Coordination or Balance

When a person experiences a stroke, he or she might fall down or stumble while walking. It’s important to observe a person’s coordination and balance closely. 

7. Inability to Walk Properly  

According to medical professionals, a person experiencing a stroke might not be able to walk properly. Such a person may also lose motor ability and mobility. Most stroke causes lead to this problem. So any sort of disrupted mobility should be considered for medical advice. 

8. Severe Headache 

A severe headache doesn’t necessarily have to be a sign or symptom of stroke but it is also one of the common stroke symptoms. People who have experienced stroke should keep in check their headache and its frequency. 

9. Facial Pain 

When a person feels stiffness in the neck or facial pain accompanied by an unexpected headache, it may be caused due to intracranial hemorrhage. In this situation, it’s important to consult a doctor right away.  

10. Nausea and Vomiting  

Nausea and vomiting is also considered as one of the symptoms of stroke. When one experience these issues along with other stroke symptoms, it’s important to consider doctor’s help immediately. 

So, now you know the common stroke symptoms and how to keep an alarm on it. Besides, if you ever find yourself or a loved one in need, allow us to keep your health in check, with our in-home health care. 

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