A happy you is a happier world!

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

The International Day of Happiness was started by the United Nations for recognising the significance of happiness in people’s lives around the globe. It was first celebrated in 2013. The initiative to celebrate this day came as an inspiration from Bhutan. The beautiful Himalayan kingdom comes with a unique concept of Gross National Happiness Index (GNH), where the spiritual prosperity of the citizens is also taken into consideration along with the material prosperity. It is said that the government there works on preserving the environment for a healthy living, and schools have replaced their period gongs with soothing music.

 A happy woman

Cultivating your own happiness is important; it encourages you to be more compassionate and makes you healthier, both physically as well as emotionally. There is a notable increase in creativity, humour and energy that enables you to be more productive and successful, both in your profession as well as in your personal relationships.

Over the world, there are various notions that surround happiness. Listed below are some weird facts that seem to account for happiness among people:

• It is believed that the happier you are, the lesser sleep you require in your everyday life. It is actually sadness that urges you to take long naps. So if you have been losing sleep, it can be that you are actually enjoying life!

• Happiness is considered to be 50% genetic, 40% mindset and 10% circumstantial. If you are a very happy-go-lucky person, be sure that you give half the credit to your parents. (Siblings anyway take the credit for anything good that happens to you.)

Studies say that you will be happier if you spend your (hard earned) money on experiences instead of commodities.So, instead of buying the next pricey phone for its picture-perfect camera quality, visit the mountains and ensure that a picture-perfect memory is etched in your mind, forever.

• It has been found by research that most of the people are happiest on a Saturday night at 7:26 pm

• Colour Yellow makes people incredibly happy.

• You will smell different when you are happy.

The cause for happiness in people can be for various reasons; an extra topping of cheese in your Mexican pizza, a solo trip to Africa, bungee jumping from a high bridge or reading a book in the comfort of your own room. Every individual can come up with their own versions. After various studies and research, science has come up with these eight things which have been proven to up the happiness quotient in people in any corner of the world:

Love and care for others – Science says that there is something known as the “moral molecule” which is present in all of us. This is associated with both love as well as pain. When you think about the people you love and care about, the molecule releases oxytocin in high levels. Higher the oxytocin level, greater will be your well-being and happiness. There must always be a presence of love and a feeling of connection in relationships for a person to be really happy.

Old Age – It may seem strange, but a study has revealed that people who have more years to their lives tend to be happier than their younger counterparts. It is due to the fact that elderly people have more experience, knowledge and adventures in their kitty, so they tend to understand themselves and the world better.

Exercise – Whenever you exercise, your body releases endorphins. They work as natural painkillers and create a feeling of euphoria. So the next time you intend to station yourself lazily in a corner, you should probably think again!

Coming across new cultures – Stepping out of the closet and meeting new people and understanding their culture contributes to your happiness. It has been observed that people who learn a new dance form or enrol for a different art class tend to be happier.

5 positive things that work like magic – A research has found that there are five important aspects that have a great contribution to positive thoughts and happy being; optimism, gratefulness, having faith in your abilities, practicing kindness and making the best use of your strengths.

Pets – Pets can increase your self-esteem, give you a sense of belonging and give your life a deeper meaning. If you have been thinking of adopting the puppy you see on the road every day, this World Happiness Day can be the right day to come up with the decision.

Working as a Volunteer – When you help someone out of choice and not as an obligation, it automatically develops a psychological effect and feeling of self-esteem which lead to happiness. The positive effect increases with the amount of volunteering that one does.

Don’t think about being happy; just be happy – It has been proven that if you focus too much on being happy, there is a possibility that you would not be. The best way is to go with the flow, be content with your life and find happiness in little things. Concentrating too much on being happy can take away the charm that happiness brings along with it.

Happiness is of vital importance, as it helps you to fulfil all your cherished goals, ambitions and dreams that you nurture in your mind. It boosts your confidence, makes your stronger and provides you with the courage that you require to deal with the perils of life. When you are happy, you have the potential not only to change your life, but bring about an improvement in the lives of the people around you. You need to get rid of the negative energy that surrounds you and that can only be possible when you have the realization that your happiness depends solely on you. Keeping your emotions in your control and not letting negative thoughts tick you off will help you to create the world that you wish to live in.

Also, an important way to increase the happiness quotient is to ensure that you and your family are always at the peak of your health. One way to ensure good health is regular health check ups with doctors you can trust that too at the comfort of your home. And what better way to do than consulting a PORTEA doctor today.


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