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(Last Updated On: November 30, 2016)
  • Woke up in the morning and felt irritated about excess body weight?
  • Watched another of Virat Kohli’s match winning innings and envied how fit he is, wanting to emulate?
  • Went shopping over the weekend and new arrivals, styles didn’t fit you?
  • Have a fitness routine but it is getting boring?
  • Is pressure at work reducing your motivation to stay fit?

If answers to most of these questions are yes, then you surely are focused on getting fit. But ever wondered why the focus has never materialized to actions? We will tell you why.

The art of getting fit is comparable to movies. Sometimes it could be a crime thriller – intense work out with sports, cross-fit; sometimes it could be the brutality of Game of Thrones – dedicated, focused workout and a strict diet plan to achieve an optimistic fitness goal; sometimes it could be a romantic drama – jogging in parks and eating healthy food and sometimes it could be an art movie – indulging in exciting fitness techniques. But just as with movies, we wouldn’t want to go through the same experience with fitness over and over again. Getting fit should be an enjoyable activity and not a mundane routine.

If this strikes a chord, PORTEA ACTIV is the perfect solution for you. PORTEA ACTIV is an end-to-end health and fitness program which provides you with a free-of-cost personalized combination of calorie-counted diet and exercise plan and then enables you with multiple ways to execute the plan ensuring you will not be bored, always experience something different, is convenient and most importantly does not burn your wallet.

Want to experience PORTEA ACTIV? Here is how you do it:

  1. Visit
  2. Answer a simple questionnaire on your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits and any medical conditions you might have
  3. Within 24 hours, Portea’s Medical and Fitness team will create a PORTEA ACTIV PLAN for you and will be sent to you over an e-mail (detailed calorie-counted diet plan and exercise plan). Please note the plan is for INR 0 – we’re serious, it is free.
  4. Plan isn’t enough, we give you ways to execute the plan through the PORTEA ACTIV ECOSYSTEM, where-in you can choose
  • A fitness subscription at a minimum of INR 1199 from BYG (Book Your Game) or OyoFit and select from more than 100+ fitness centers (gyms, crossfit, yoga, zumba, pilates etc.) rather than sticking to only one center
  • A 1-week ready-to-eat healthy meal subscription from JiyoNatural (5 days a week) for INR 549
  • A 1-week ready-to-cook healthy meal subscription from JiyoNatural (14 meal packs -both lunch and dinner) for INR 999 and a 1-week -to-cook healthy snacks subscription from JiyoNatural  (14 snack packs) for INR 649
  • Get healthy foods like oils, honey, muesli, rice, flour etc. from HealthyWorld at a 10% discount

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Up, Get Active; start the journey today with PORTEA ACTIV.

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Ninad Karandikar is passionate about building newer products and services and hence has technology for lunch and marketing and research for dinner. He has 6.5 years of experience across Product Management, Marketing, Technology and Business Development across sectors like IT, Retail and Healthcare. He managed Portea's medical equipment business for 1 year and currently is focused on building newer product lines. He is an alumnus of NMIMS, Mumbai.


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