Simple and Effective ways to Manage Pinch Nerve in the Neck

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2017)

Is the frequent, recurrent sensation of numbness, or pins and needles with radiating pain in the neck making it difficult to carry out daily activities? If so, you might have a pinched nerve in the neck.  A pinched nerve is common in the neck and back region but not limited to it. The injury is the result of the compression or stretching of the peripheral nerve due to which the nerve experiences irritation and is unable to conduct sensory impulses to the brain.  A normal person can experience pinched nerve due to poor posture such as habitual crossing of legs, leaning on elbows and so forth. Other instances include disc herniation or bulging discs, weight gain, pregnancy and repetitive activity.

Symptoms include a tingling sensation accompanied by a numbness experienced randomly. If left unchecked a sharp pain accompanies the tingling sensation and some people may also experience a burning sensation. As it progresses, the muscle that is controlled by the pinched nerve experiences weakness as the nerve does not function properly.  In due course of time a slight muscular atrophy with loss of reflex and dexterity may develop. This is because the affected nerve might not receive sufficient nutrients, losing the ability to transmit impulses effectively and eventually die.

There are many simple and effective home remedies to combat a pinched nerve.      

1. Rest your neck– The best remedy is to rest your neck, ample rest relieves the stress accumulated and release the pressure on the nerve. Although it is easier said than done, our necks are exposed to constant and prolong usage involuntarily. One of the best ways to keep the neck movement in check is by wearing a soft collar.

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