Stay hydrated this summer

Stay hydrated this summer
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

With the summer beginning, it’s time to note down and get started with some health tips. Due to excessive heat, people usually go dehydrated. This summer, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Don’t worry; we are not going harsh on you. Here are few quick and simple tips:

  1. Drink water, Drink water, Drink water

Drink lots and lots of water. The best way is to carry a bottle/sipper or put it somewhere around so that you don’t miss out on drinking water. You should make sure that you drink 3-4 liters of water every day during summers.

  1. Don’t just drink, eat water as well

While drinking water all the time might go boring, you can munch in fresh fruits like water melon with high percentage of water content. So don’t just confine yourself to drinking water, add water heavy fruits to your diet.

  1. Replace Junk with Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Junk food is always bad but during summer its worse. Try to replace junk food with fresh fruits and vegetables. Try out some healthy salads. Add water melon, cucumber, leafy vegetables etc. to your diet. Relish the summer fruit mango and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Drink Fruit Juices

Drink fresh fruit juices and coconut water as many times as possible throughout the day. This will again complement your water intake and keep your body hydrated and mind fresh.

  1. Add some flavors to your water

There are lots of health drinks and energy drinks available that you can take during summers but these might contain high sugar content. The best way is to add natural flavors to water. Add lime/mint to water and give a flavor without adding any calories.

Few facts to analyze if you are adequately hydrated:

  1. Examine the color of your urine. If it’s clear, you are adequately hydrated but if it is yellowish or darker, you are not.
  2. Are you constantly snacking or experiencing sugar cravings often? You might be dehydrated.
  3. Is your digestive track running smooth? If not, you might need to consider hydrating yourself.

With these easy checks and tips, you can keep yourself adequately hydrated and fit during the summer. Get dressed in cool clothes, drink lots of water and wear your beautiful smile and you are ready to beat the summer heat.

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Stay healthy, Stay happy.



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