Why is Hypothyroidism Common in Urban Young Women

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

Hypothyroidism refers to a decrease in production of hormones by the gland. Some of the common symptoms that could signal hypothyroidism are weight gain or failure to lose weight despite a proper weight loss regime, enlargement in the neck, increased cold sensitivity, lethargy, heavy menstrual periods, numbness in hands, dry skin and hair and constipation.


Urban women, now days, are suffering from thyroid issues at a much younger age than before. They tend to neglect their health, not only their diet is unbalanced in terms of adequate nutrition because of improper knowledge, they also lack the required physical activity. In a struggle to balance life, home and work, women tend to turn a blind eye to symptoms such as obesity, failure to lose weight, tiredness, body ache, mood swings, excessive hair fall, irritability, menstrual disorders, etc., which typically point towards medical disorders, of which thyroid related ailments are the most common.

Dear women, if you have Hypothyroidism, chances are there it will be with you for the rest of your life, so clearly healthy eating, exercising and taking care of yourself must be priorities.

Nutrition is more likely to play a key role in the treatment of hypothyroidism as compared to hyperthyroidism. You also need to understand that you might be at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, so it becomes all the more important to adopt a healthful lifestyle.



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