Confused What To Gift Your Sister This Rakshabandhan? Gift Her Good Health

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2017)

Rakshabandhan is just around the corner, and almost every brother is in the same dilemma – ‘What do I gift my dear sister’? You’ve probably run out of ideas already considering that the gifting isn’t just a one off thing but an annual ritual, and are struggling to come up with a suitable solution/present idea for your beloved behna. Well, we’d say ditch the ordinary ideas and gift her something out of the box, or in fact out of any box – Gift her good health. As clichéd as that may sound, it is the need of the hour for most women especially in India and needs to be addressed, so why not take up the mantle as a responsible brother and do your duty of protecting her AND her health??

Ditch the conventional perfumes, chocolates, sweets and money, and instead go for something that is a little healthier, whatever it might be! We’re giving you a few options to give her that are healthier and slightly more thoughtful than just going with the crowd and picking the easy way out!

  1. Spa Coupons – In the busy times of today, it’s not too surprising that your sister has probably been working too hard or stressing on a few things and nothing would work better than relieving her physical and mental stress and getting her recharged for the days ahead! A good aroma therapy massage or a Swedish Deep tissue massage would go a long way in distressing her!
  2. Foot/Head massager – If you think that the Spa session is just a one-time thing and isn’t enough for her, get her a foot or head massager instead so that she can de-stress on the go, whenever, at her own convenience. It’s quite a thoughtful gift in fact, and definitely something that will remind her of her beloved brother, every time she’s feeling good and de-stressed.
  3. Fitness & Nutrition books – If she’s in need of a healthy lifestyle twist, but can’t seem to find the time to commit to something concrete like regular gym timings, then this is perfect for her. She can master the art of healthy eating and home fitness via simple self-help books available at your nearing bookstore. Don’t watch out for her, let her help herself instead.
  4. Getaway – Why not do a little something different this Raksha Bandhan and book your sister a solo getaway to a nearby hill station or beach where she can take a breather from the daily hustle bustle. Again, the main idea here is to get her healthy with a nice short break that helps ease the stress and break through the monotony of everyday life, bringing a pleasant change and a refreshing new outlook to life.
  5. Yoga classes and health checkup– This is something that a lot of you confused brothers should consider strongly. Today’s sedentary lifestyle doesn’t really allow the inclusion of fitness or health oriented activities in the daily routine that easily. Here’s where YOU come into play, breaking that clutter and adding it right at the beginning of the day. Sign her up for Yoga classes so that she can both mentally and physically realign herself and switch back to the healthier track. Also, many women aren’t aware of the mandatory health tests and screenings. You can help her get the necessary diagnostic tests done and derive the satisfaction that you are taking charge of her health this rakhi.
  6. Gym Membership – This is again a great option to include fitness in the daily routine. Sign up your sister for a 3 month gym membership so that you give her the chance to explore that option and fall back on the gym to release her stress and exercise to feel better about herself. Physical fitness goes a long way in inducing happiness and satisfaction in day to day activities, besides adding valuable characteristics and teaching you lessons of life such as discipline and prioritizing in day to day life.
  7. FIT BIT – Get her a fitness tracker or a wearable device that helps her track calories and motivates her to get on the fitness bandwagon! The craze today is high as it ever will be, and people actually prefer to walk home from work and take longer routes so that they can fulfill their fitness goals and number of steps set for the day. It also makes for an attractive looking gift option, pretty much an upgrade on the usual watch.
  8. Karate/Kick Boxing classes – Today, sadly our country isn’t the safest place for women. One thing that can help your sister protect herself is giving her the power to do that in her own hands. Gift her a pepper spray and sign her up for self-defense classes so that she can protect herself wherever she is, no matter how far you may be.

The Gifting options aren’t so limited now, are they? We’ve helped you make this Raksha bandhan more memorable and thoughtful than the usual, and your sister will definitely be a happy one! Stay safe and celebrate with your siblings!



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Dr Rahul has Masters in Maxillofacial Surgery with an overall experience of six years. Since the last 2 years, he is working in the Medical operations team of Portea. An Alumni of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science, he has previously worked with Nationwide- The Family Doctors while as their Chief Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist. He has a special interest in Facial Trauma Surgery, Dental Implantology and Facial aesthetic surgery. It is not only medicine that fascinates Rahul. He is a die-hard sports enthusiast with a strong passion for Football, Basketball, and Cricket and occasionally strums the guitar, too.


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