5 ways of Recovering from Spastic Hand

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Spasticity is characterized by a motor disorder that has been triggered by an injury to the spinal cord or the brain. Suffering from an incident of stroke or cardiac arrest usually causes this medical condition, later manifesting into two types of post-stroke pain, one being localized, and the other, central. In the case of the former, the pain is restricted to particular areas alone, like the patient’s arm or his hand, thereby rendering it spastic. The muscles in the affected areas stiffen or tighten, and may often contracture when spasticity is completely ignored, sometimes to the extent that movement of all kinds are absolutely eliminated. However, in circumstances arising from the latter type of pain, the patient may feel numbness, a prickly sensation throughout,and may often develop elevated sensitivity to heat or cold.

Fortunately, much unlike centralized pain, there are suitable cures and treatments for the former case of localized pain. For temporary relief to the spastic hand, you can opt for Botox. You’ll be surprised to know about the remarkable benefits of this drug that transcends mere dermatological aspects alone. An injectable drug, Botox aids in relaxing the affected muscles, thereby significantly reducing the pain that is related to spasticity. It creates a barricade for your muscles to ignore the brain’s messages to contract, therefore helping them to relax instead. Being a temporary form of treatment as has already been stated beforehand, successive doses of Botox might be required to keep the patient from feeling too much pain, while other options are being considered.

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