Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

Physiotherapy is a treatment in management and prevention of numerous physical harms caused by injuries, disease, lifestyle and ageing. The major goals of physiotherapy are restoration, maintenance and maximization of a person’s strength, functionality and movement.

There are various types of physical therapies including manual therapies, electrotherapy techniques and exercise programs. These techniques of offering therapy are aimed at managing the three types of physiotherapy namely neurological, cardiothoracic and musculoskeletal. 

1Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy treatment at home has started being a norm in today’s society. This is vital for individuals who find it hard to visit or attend the various therapies at hospitals or other institutions. Here, the physiotherapists visit patient’s home for diagnosis and treatment. From discussing various issues concerning the patient’s general health and goals of the treatment they want to undertake and the actual treatment process, everything is done at home. Here are few benefits of in-home physiotherapy treatment:

  • Management of Time

The travel time is completely saved with in-home physiotherapy. The therapist avails him/herself to the home and gets into managing the patients needs. Also, time being a vital factor in treatment of conditions such as pain and stress, treatment at home really helps.

  • Comfort of Home

Home environment is much more comforting as compared to that of a clinic. Also, family being around, this definitely boosts in the healthy recovery.

  • Cost Effectiveness

The travel costs are saved.  Also, physiotherapy treatment includes more than one session which increases the travel cost multiplied by the number of visits.

  • Supervision

The family of the patient can oversee the treatment being done and ensure their patient is getting the right care needed for recovery. Supervision is usually a hard task when the patient is based in hospital rather than at home.



  1. It makes sense that being able to have physiotherapy happen in your home with family around would help speed you to a full recovery. Coming back from an injury can be hard if you are doing it alone but with your family beside you to cheer you on it would probably be significantly easier. I wonder if it is an extra cost to have them come to your home or if there’s a group that does it for those who are unable to travel.

  2. I agree that home physiotherapy sounds like the perfect solution. My husband had a neck injury a while ago and we’ve gone to a physiotherapist pretty frequently, but it is a bit of a drive and takes a lot of time. We’ll definitely look into home therapy!

  3. We are considering having someone visit out grandmother to do physiotherapy, but we were unsure that she would actually benefit from such visits. It does sound like it helps to eliminate pain, which is never going to be a bad thing for grandma. She has a lot of pain in her joints, and so this does sound like it would be a good investment after all. Thanks for sharing!

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