Exercises to improve shoulder strength and mobility

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

If you find your shoulders aching and paining a day after doing relatively heavy work such as moving furniture around the house or rearranging the bottles atop a kitchen shelf, it could imply declining flexibility of your shoulders. The more flexible your shoulders are, the more strong you are to carry on even those activities that put a little strain on your shoulder muscles. Shoulder flexibility is a crucial part of your body and most exercise regimes have a set of isolated stretches targeting the shoulders in particular.

The human shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. As it is the joint with the widest range of motion, it is subject to relatively more wear and tear compared to other joints.

The human shoulder

The shoulder has two parts: the actual shoulder joint and the scapula. The shoulder joint is the part that we know as the actual “shoulder,” where a bone called the humerus i.e   the arm bone which meets the scapula. The scapula or shoulder blade connects the arm to the rib cage. If the scapula or humerus doesn’t move well,  there will be  less stability and range of motion. Also one needs to take care of the muscles around it i.e. the muscles should be conditioned well, to keep it moving freely.

To keep the shoulders healthy and moving, it is important to include an exercise regimen  that improves the mobility and strength of the shoulder joint.


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