Inner Thigh Workout Using Resistance Bands

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2017)

Ask any gym trainer and he’ll tell you that many people who visit gym dread exercise when it comes to their legs, and rightly so, leg exercises and thigh exercises using gym equipment is extremely painful to perform.

Each one of us knows that having strong legs is beneficial, yet we find it difficult to get past the ‘exercise your legs’ barrier. Another reason why many among us tend to ignore exercising our lower body is that we are not aware of any alternatives other than weight training  provided at the gym. Here is where resistance bands step in as the Messiah.

1What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance Band

The name of the device answers the question. Resistance bands are long elastic bands that, when elongated and fixed at a certain length, help provide resistance against the limbs that you are exercising. Despite it being one of the handiest gym tools and a good trainer’s favorite, most gyms are severely unequipped with this necessity of a device. If your gym doesn’t have it, you can buy resistance bands online, and they are very light on your pocket too.

The uses of resistance bands are immense. While the benefits of their inclusion in daily exercise regime can’t be stressed enough, their ability to supplement heavier and twice as costly gym equipment such as dumbbells and weights are what takes the cake. You might be wondering how exactly a band can be used instead of dumbbells.



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