Keep Your Ankle Strong with these Physiotherapy Exercises

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

As we age, the joints in our body inevitably tend to stiffen, causing a lot of discomfort in the long run. In fact, injuries suffered at a tender age might have long-term implications as well, and later surface as severe lifelong problems. Taking proper care of your ankles, strengthening them, and minimizing the effects of injury are therefore absolutely crucial, since the pain tends to worsen every time the condition is left untreated. Planning a well thought-out schedule replete with suitable physiotherapy exercises is generally recommended to most patients suffering from acute or severe ankle pain.

The most frequently advised set of ankle strengthening exercises are stated below. What needs mentioning beforehand is that, during the early stages, any kind of exercise that involves sideways movement at your ankle must be strictly avoided. With time, they may be incorporated in the regime, after having considered progress and the ability of the patient.


A resistance band is looped around the forefoot in this case, and the patient is instructed to hold onto both the ends. The foot is then pointed away slowly, enabling it to return to a resting position. Once accustomed to this routine, the strength of the band can be increased. You may also proceed to calf-raise exercises right after. The same exercise can be then repeated by making use of a bent knee in order to aim at the soleus muscle of the lower calf area.

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