Top 5 exercises for Frozen Shoulder

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

If your recent hand injury wasn’t painful enough, brace yourself for an equally annoying and painful follow-up- Frozen shoulder. Having to hold your hand for long duration in one position causes what we know as frozen shoulder, and it rarely goes away as easy as it comes.

While your doctor prescribes you with allopathic drugs to alleviate the pain, in the meantime, read on to learn more about this ailment and what physiotherapy exercises might help reduce it.

Frozen shoulder is marked by stiffness, pain and an inability to move the shoulder.

1Treating a Frozen Shoulder

Though unwise, leaving a frozen shoulder untreated might work in rare cases, however, you run the risk of having to live with the same pain for up to three years. Any doctor or physiotherapist will advise you medication, physical therapy, surgery, and home care.

Physiotherapy is your best bet to help remove the ailment. Similarly, for a frozen shoulder, simple exercises do way more to reduce your pain than allopathic care.

Physiotherapy Exercises For Frozen Shoulder

Here are some very easy exercises you can perform to reduce pain from a frozen shoulder

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