Treatment, Healing, and Recovery in Osteitis Pubis Symphysis

Osteitis Pubis Symphysis
(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

Osteitis pubis symphysis is an injury to the pubis symphysis, the midline cartilage uniting the pubic bones. It is an injury incurred due to overuse of the cartilage causing inflammation and tissue damage. It is characterized by groin pain.

Osteitis pubis is an injury due to overuse characterized by inflammation and tissue damage to the pelvis at the location where the 2 pubic bones unite (pubic symphysis), consequential in groin pain.

This disorder is characteristic to athletes but was first discovered in people who had undergone suprapubic surgery, an invasive procedure of the urethra.

 Why do Some Suffer from Osteitis Pubis Symphysis?

Osteitis Pubis is caused due to the repeated muscle contraction of the area around the pubic bone and the cartilage attaching the bone.

There are many reasons and causes that result in the excessive contraction of the muscle near the pubic symphysis. The causes can be broadly be classified into two categories – Over Training and Biomechanical Inefficiencies.

Over Training

Osteitis Pubis as mentioned earlier is caused by over contraction of muscles. It is most common in sportspersons. It generally occurs to those who play sports that require heavy lifting or constant speed.

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