PORTEA: My Companion In Tough Times

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

I first contacted Portea when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and the other Health Services Agency that we were using for my mother-in-law said that they did not have any male nurses.

Portea impressed me with the promptness in answering all my many queries and their gamut of offerings. They were very quick in sending me a representative all the way to BGS Global Hospital and started nursing care straight from there as my husband was getting discharged on the same day.

Both my husband and I were touched with the visit of the founder of Portea, Meena Ganesh at our home. She spent a considerable amount of time understanding the needs of the patient and family. This personal touch made all the difference to the entire Portea experience.

Throughout the 1.5/ 2 years that we interacted with Portea we did not have too much cause to complain. The male nurses were good for the most part and as the months progressed we also used many of their other services like hiring machinery and ordering medicines.

As nothing is ever 100% perfect, we felt inconvenienced when at times nurses were moved to other patients. Also, we found a few nurses to be insensitive and rude. However, whenever we registered a complaint in this regard, it was addressed immediately. We always got a replacement soon.

                                                                                                          Snehalatha Naidu



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