Portea: My Trusted Companion


I found the services provided by Portea extremely useful and very relevant to the kind of help I needed for taking care of my bed-ridden mom. My special thanks to Dr.Puja and Dr. Kavitha both of whom understood the medical needs of my mom quite well and tailored the treatment plan accordingly.

Each of Dr.Puja’s visits would last for a minimum of half an hour and she would go through all the details meticulously and also answer all my queries. She had a very practical approach and would listen to all the symptoms and also probe more on those lines to find the actual cause. One instance I clearly remember was when my mom had fever. She was keen on finding the cause of the fever – she ruled out lung infection, urinary infection and then she checked if mom had any pressure sores. And finally the cause for the fever was detected as infection (gangrene) in that wound. I was very thankful that she caught the gangrene in the initial stages.  She is a very dedicated doctor with an engaging personality and it was very good interacting with her.

I appreciate all the help Dr. Kavitha  provided over the phone. I used to feel reassured after each of our phone conversations accompanied by the thought that I am providing the best care possible for my mom.

The co-ordination done by you was also excellent and provided timely assistance when needed in terms of doctor /nurse appointments, diagnostic tests etc.  I found your package structure very apt for my need and also economical at the same time. I also liked the idea of providing expensive medical equipment like Oxygen concentrators on rental basis as that works out well for short-term needs. Overall, I am grateful to Portea for helping me provide the right care for my mom and when my mom passed away, it was a peaceful end for her at home with her near and dear ones by her side, and it is a great feeling that we have done our best for her. Portea is doing an excellent job of helping the elderly get the right medical assistance at home.


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