15 Swine Flu Symptoms Most People Ignore

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)


A new flu virus caused a global pandemic in 2009-2010. Because of its similarity to the flu virus that attacks pigs, it was christened as Swine Flu. The A/H1 pdm09 or the more commonly known H1N1 virus strain was first discovered in 2009 in Mexico.

The epidemic spread from one country to another rapidly because it was still an unknown entity and people’s immunity to it was not developed to fight it.

But it was not as consequential as originally feared.

It affected the young more than the older generation. People with other serious health concerns succumbed to it.

WHO declared the Swine flu epidemic officially over in August 2010.


1Where Does the H1N1 Virus Currently Stands?

The swine flu has now evolved into being a seasonal flu, affecting people around the world during the winter months.

Since people have built up their immunity to fight off the H1N1 virus, it is no longer deemed as grave a concern as in 2009-10.





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