10 Common Signs of Kidney Failure & What You Should Do about It

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

According to the National Kidney Foundation of USA, more than 26 million American adults are currently quietly suffering from kidney diseases, yet know nothing about. Yet, you cannot blame people for problems in the kidneys are extremely silent in their onset, they usually show no symptoms until they attain severity.

With the possibility of crippling normal function for the rest of your life, the threat of kidney diseases or kidney failure should be strongly and quickly tackled.

The kidneys are readily susceptible to common ailments that everyone gets either time to time, or by old age. From high blood pressure and diabetes to insufficient water consumption, a lot of factors take part in disturbing normal kidney function.

The lack of kidneys doesn’t necessarily mean the end of life. However, life post kidney failure is extremely difficult and far from desirable. Hence, quick detection of ongoing kidney problems is necessary. It is advised that every individual takes a regular annual kidney checkup, especially if he or she is at over the age of 60.

However, annual checkups do not mean immunity from kidney issues. Bad and failing kidneys may strike any time of the year often leaving the patient clueless about the same. Here are ten common signs of kidney failure and their related course of action-

1. Increased tiredness, frequent feeling of low energy and lack of concentration-

With deteriorating kidney function, there is a buildup of toxins and impurities in one’s blood stream. Over time, with accumulating waste in the blood, one frequently starts feeling increasingly tired and listless towards work that once wasn’t so tiring.


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