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(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017)

Did your friend at the Zumba class rave about her nutritional consultant today, leaving you wondering about what on earth was she talking about? Yes, this time your FOMO (Fear of being missed out) is right. Read on to know why nutrition consultation is becoming an increasingly preferred choice of people all over the world.

What is nutrition consultation?

This form of consultation is usually done by a registered dietitian or a certified nutrition  consultant. He or she essentially helps you achieve health goals by creating customized diet plans taking into account factors like age, current health condition and other metabolic parameters. The evaluation is extremely beneficial to those who are suffering from health issues and are not sure about the kind of diet to follow to best manage their condition. Nutrition consultation is also helpful for individuals who are unsure of the best diet to keep themselves at the peak of their health. Here are a few more reasons as to why you should approach a nutritionist and be in control of your own lifestyle:

  1. Exercise becomes easy and fun: Initially, your nutritionist will carefully study your medical history and daily food intake. Instead of experimenting and trying out different exercises that either do not help at all or only hurt your body; your nutrition counselor can help develop an exercise regimen suited to your body and its needs. In general there are three body types – Ectomorph (lean build and very fast metabolism, difficulty in gaining fat and muscle), Endomorph (heavy build and sluggish metabolism, difficulty in shedding fat) and Mesomorph (Muscular build, fast metabolism). Most people generally have a combination of two body types, thus an exercise and diet regimen will be designed after determining your body type combination. This way, exercising every day will no longer remain a mundane chore but something to look forward to.


A fun exercise session

2. Healthy food is now the most delicious food: Eating healthy doesn’t always mean that you have to give up on the food you love.  It merely means eating fresh and delicious food in a timely manner! Consuming junk food or other unhealthy foods in excess can result in you not meeting your daily requirements of important minerals and Vitamins, which over a period of time can pose serious health consequences. A nutrition consultant can guide in you in this regard so that you make healthy dietary choices which translates to your body receiving all the required nutrients in the right amounts.

Nutritious food

3. It is far more than just eating and exercising well: Nutrition consultation helps to go deep into your medical history to find out the lapses in your everyday lifestyle such as eating late, not eating for long hours, or eating too much at one go, poor sleeping patterns, etc; leading to several lifestyle health issues. More than just looking at symptoms, this type of consultation helps to get to the root of the problem and arrest it before it escalates into a difficult to manage health issue. Specific conditions that can benefit from this are cardiac disease, obesity, pregnancy, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), menopause and high blood pressure.

With a nutritionist

4. Change may be slow, but the outcome is highly rewarding: In this process, the nutritionist and you work together to set yourself realistic goals to achieve, with smaller goals gradually becoming bigger and more important ones. The consultant will try to understand all your food preferences, your social outings, your allergies, the amount of time you can devote for your nutrition, etc. All possible factors that may hinder the achievement of the goal are considered and plans are drawn up accordingly. It may take months or even years to see positive results, but the wait is truly worth it.

Do you want to wake up fresh and revitalized each morning? Do you want to have a glowing skin accompanied by a fit and healthy body? If the answer is yes, it is time to avail the services of a nutrition consultant. Your regular doctor may either suggest you to see one or you may feel the need yourself. If you need help changing your lifestyle and take full charge of it for the better, Portea is here to give you access to the best nutrition consultants around you, that too for free. Under the guidance of a renowned and trusted nutritionist, you can be assured of leading a happy and healthy life.

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Dr.Rajprabha Patra practiced as a Dental Surgeon for 5 years before making a switch into the business domain with an MBA from ISB. As the Product Manager for Counselling Services at Portea, she aims to make a difference in the way mental health is perceived in India.


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